Supermileage Systems Enterprise team pose with their vehicle

Start an Enterprise

Proposing and Developing a New Enterprise Team

New Enterprise Teams can be proposed and developed in consultation with the Enterprise Program Office. The first step to propose a new team begins with a formal Enterprise Proposal.

Please use the following format:

Section 1: Development

  • What type of business, organization, or service will the new Enterprise Team pursue?
  • What are the Enterprise Team's goals and objectives?
  • What possible sources of funding has the potential Team identified? (List of companies and organizations who could potentially fund the Team)

Section 2: Educational Component

  • What will MTU students learn by being part of the new Enterprise team?
  • How will students' learning outcomes be measured?
  • From what disciplines will students come to join the new Enterprise Team?
  • What is the ideal number of students to begin the new Enterprise Team?

Section 3: Finances

  • Include preliminary operational budget for one year
  • Discuss possible departmental or unit support for the proposed new Enterprise Team

Section 4: Computing and Space Considerations

  • Discuss both first-year and long-term computing needs and office/workspace needs