Faculty Resources

Center Membership

The Ecosystem Science Center (ESC) works on behalf of its members by:

  • helping researchers develop externally funded research proposals,
  • assisting in the creation and management of multiple investigator proposal and project teams,
  • assisting with post-award project management and compliance,
  • providing seed funding to support research development and acquisition of  shared equipment,
  • supporting members' graduate and undergraduate researchers through small awards, and
  • providing opportunities for discussion to promote collaboration both at MTU and externally.

The ESC operates under a shared governance structure as outline in our Charter (refer to our About page). The ESC welcomes participation from ecosystem science researchers from all disciplines. Please contact the center director about becoming a member.

Funding Opportunities for Members

ESC Member (Seed) Grants

The ESC provide support that will directly lead to future funding efforts (i.e., the submission of proposals for external, overhead-generating grants). As such, appropriate uses of these funds include: 

  • Collection of pilot data that will leverage a specific proposal effort (e.g., hourly student support, supplies, travel, sample analysis)
  • Travel to visit a collaborator or for a collaborator to visit to Michigan Tech
  • Buying time (e.g., relief from teaching) for PIs to prepare large, multi-investigator proposals 
  • Attendance at a meeting, workshop, or some other networking event where specific outcomes include new proposal efforts.
  • Costs for personnel or hardware that enhance the effectiveness of virtual team meetings.

Find out more information on how to apply in the ESC Member Funds FY22 RFP.

ESC Cost-Share Support

ESC can provide support for proposals that require cost-share (e.g., NSF MRI, REF). Proposals requesting cost-share funds should enhance the research environment at MTU in a way that will lead to future funding efforts (i.e., the submission of proposals for external, overhead-generating grants). Priority for cost-share will be given to proposals that benefit a variety of ESC members (e.g., infrastructure improvements) and/or to support research program growth for early-career members.

Find further details and how to apply in the ESC Cost-Share Application FY22.