Graduate Handbook

Welcome to the Data Science Graduate Program!


Welcome to the Data Science Graduate Program at Michigan Technological University. The Data Science program is an interdisciplinary program, meaning the faculty and courses for the program comes from all the Colleges across the University. New in 2021-2022 is that the program has a home department in the Computer Science department (part of the College of Computing). Note, the program remains interdisciplinary by design with students taking courses across the university.

The degree you seek will be challenging and give you opportunities to learn new skills, practices, and knowledge. The skills and knowledge will be the building blocks of starting a path of lifelong learning in the field of Data Science.

The degree program is a course-based curriculum, but you will get involved in many hands-on, real-world activities and projects in these courses.

I encourage you all to interact with all your fellow students and faculty. Stretch yourself and work with different students; you will have many opportunities to work in teams, reach up and pair with new students building both your technical skills and team-work and professional skills in the process. This is an opportunity to start building your professional network.

The faculty and staff are here to help you succeed. Ask questions, reach out for help. Don’t wait until the end of the semester if you need assistance.

This handbook is provided as a document to answer your basic questions. For more information, please refer to the data science website and reach out to your advisor or Data Science director.

We wish you great success in the Data Science Graduate Program.

Sincerely, Laura E. Brown
Director, Data Science Graduate Program