Michigan Tech Testing Center

Electronic Scantron Forms and Processing

Standard sheets are available in 25 questions, 50 questions and 100 questions.

  1. PRINT as many copies of the sheets that you will need. Please DO NOT print a single sheet and copy. This process causes issues with the reading software.
  2. Give the exam to your students as you would a standard scantron sheet.

IF you plan to bring the answer sheets to the testing center for scanning, you will need to fill out a paper form indicating which reports should be generated and how answer sheets will be returned to you.

IF you prefer to scan your answer sheets using your departmental scanner/copier:

  1. Place the key for the exam on the bottom of the stack so that it is the first sheet read. Indicate instructor name and course name on the signature block of the key.
  2. If there are more sheets than will fit into the hopper at one time, generating more than one PDF is acceptable. Scan the key with the first batch of answer sheets only. Our system will merge the PDFs together giving you the reports you would like form the entire set.
  3. Send the PDF(s) to techtesting-l@mtu.edu
  4. Fill in the short Test Scoring Request Form to indicate which reports you would like generated from the scantron forms.

In either case, exam results will be shared with designated individuals through Google Docs.  You may choose from the same scantron reports that have been available in the past. You will receive an e-mail pointing you to the share as soon as results are complete.