Research Overview

Outside the box. Our faculty pursue diverse, cutting-edge research. The Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences (CLS) is couched between applied cognitive science and real-world applications in education, technology, and science. We use a variety of techniques from interactive design, experiments, surveys, ethnography, field studies, and formal computational modeling. Our students and faculty improve performance, health, decisions, and safety where people interact with technology or systems. This research can be difficult to do, but we embrace challenge.

In addition to our labs, we have several key interdisciplinary research centers across campus that support CLS research at the intersections of science, technology, education, and human factors.

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Student Researcher Spotlight 

Labs and Groups

Our research labs and groups reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences. They provide the capacity for basic theories in human cognition: learning, emotion, decision making, memory, and attention--to a wide variety of human and technology interactions.

Applied Cognitive Science Forum

Bi-weekly presentations by Michigan Tech researchers and guest speakers in the areas of human factors and applied cognitive science.