Graduate Certificate: Post-Secondary STEM Education

Effective STEM Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Students completing this certificate will develop competencies in planning and delivering effective science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction, skills in conducting research on topics related to teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines, and knowledge of current issues around teaching and learning STEM. Developing high-level skills in STEM content areas has become a national priority, as such skills are essential to improving access to advanced educational opportunities and to workplace success.

The certificate is available to all degree seeking students enrolled in the Graduate School at Michigan Tech as well as non-degree seeking graduate-level students. STEM skills will apply to a range of professional areas:

  • university and community college instruction
  • education-related research

Students on campus serving as graduate teaching assistants would also benefit from professional development and academic growth in the area of education.


A total of 13 credits are required for the STEM Education Certificate. Students must earn a grade of B or higher in each of the courses counting toward the certificate.

Core Courses

(10 Credits:  Required list below)


(Choose 1 course from the list below)

Model Schedule

It is anticipated that degree-seeking students will take 3-4 credits toward the certificate each semester. Courses are currently offered on the following schedule. This will allow students to complete the certificate in 3-4 semesters.

Model Schedule for Certificate
Fall Courses Spring Courses
ED 5101 - Online Teaching ED 5100 - College Teaching
PSY 5020 - Research Methods ED 5101 - Online Teaching

PSY 5210 (Even Years) -

Advanced Statistical Analysis and Design I

ED 5460/PSY 5460 - Psychology of Learning
MA 5701- Statistical Methods ED 5470 - Issues in STEM Ed
SS 5004 (Odd Years) - Statistics for the Social Sciences