Cognitive and Learning Sciences
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Welcome to the Department of Cognitive and Learning Science at Michigan Technological University. Our department unites two diverse disciplines of the cognitive and learning sciences:

  • Psychology: one of the most popular fields of study at US universities; and
  • Teacher Education: preparation for the rewarding career of teaching in a secondary-education setting.

We invite you to explore the programs we offer in undergraduate and graduate education.


Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and cognitive processes. This broad discipline seeks to understand the human condition and explain behavior using scientific methods, with the fundamental goal of improving the well-being of individuals and our overall society. Psychologists conduct research to test theories and understand the nature of human behavior.

Teacher Education

We support students who aspire to teach in a secondary-school environment, providing guidance from a student’s enrollment to initial teaching certification—and beyond. Our teacher education program offers students an excellent education in the content area of their choice, as well as outstanding preparation for a meaningful career in secondary teaching.

Michigan Tech offers bachelor’s degree programs leading to Michigan teaching certification in 10 content areas: