CFO/SVPA FY23-24 Action Plans and Metrics


Strategic Objective Measure of Impact and Success Group/Person Accountable
1 Develop a comprehensive succession planning framework for campus Phase 1/FY24 - Review data and identify high-priority areas/positions where succession planning is needed for internal employees with the values, skills, and desire to be developed as future leaders. CFO/SVPA and Human Resources
2 Establish and support a sense of belonging

CFO/SVPA unit sponsors and leads at least one university DEIS engagement activity each year. 


FY23 Q4: Identify a theme, objectives, quantity, time, and location for the activity/(s). Examples: Lunch n' Learn, Book Club for Diversity Publications.


FY24 Q1-4: Plan and execute activities. Include an assessment of outcomes. Provide a summary of activities and outcomes to the CFO/SVPA for inclusion in the unit-level DEIS repository.


Progress reports on unit-wide objectives and content/activities to promote further success shared at the CFO/SVPA unit-level.

3 Reduce non-ADA compliant areas on campus

5% of non-compliance issues have been resolved by the end of FY23.


Comprehensive Assessment with the EOC & Title IX Office as a starting point.


A schedule for continuation of issue resolution is in place that reduces issues by 5% annually.

Facilities Management
4 Review all unit-level forms, policies and outward-facing resources for inclusivity and accessible formats

Phase 1/FY23: Each department to require University web authors (CMS users) to complete training pertaining to publishing material online in an accessible format.


Phase 2/FY23: Conduct a small-scope pilot for understanding the process and complexity of this evaluation and improvement work.


Phase 3/FY24-25: Develop a timeline, metrics, and replicable process, informed by the pilot, for expanding the review across all forms, policies, and web resources in the division. Identify sub-unit leaders and resource needs.


Coordinate work with Enterprise Risk Management goal of policy and form assessment.

Facilities Management


Human Resources