Find a Career Coach

Career Coaches are Michigan Tech faculty and staff who are trained to help students with career-related questions and advice. They can assist you with your resume, job search, career resources, communicating with potential employers, and building a professional network.


Michigan Tech Career Coaches

Biological Sciences

  • Travis Wakeham, Academic Advisor, Dow 738

Cognitive and Learning Sciences

  • Samantha Smith, Assistant Professor, Meese Center 105

Geological & Mining Engineering and Sciences

  • Brittany Buschell, Administrative Aide, Dow 630

Graduate School

  • Debra Charlesworth, Associate Dean, Administration Building 408

Humanities Department

  • Maria Bergstrom, Academic Advisor, Walker 316

Human Resources

  • Madeline Mercado Voelker, Immigration & Visa Services Specialist, 214E Lakeshore

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Dan Seguin, Academic Advisor, M&M Building U101

Mathematical Sciences

  • David Olson, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Fisher 220

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

  • Ryan Towles, Academic Advisor, MEEM 204A
  • Tricia Stein, Academic Advisor, MEEM 204B

Merchandising Operations

  • Elka Frahm, Office Assistant, Student Development Complex 145

Pavlis Honors College

  • Bre Tucker, Enterprise Program Coordinator, M&M 722C

Residence Education and Housing Services

  • Alexandra Marshall, Associate Director, Wadsworth Hall 153
  • Courtney Archambeau, Assistant Director of Housing Operations, Wadsworth Hall 153
  • Ryan Bennett, Assistant Director of Housing Operations, Wadsworth Hall 153

College of Business and Economics

  • Jodie Filpus-Paakola, Coordinator of Academic Services, Academic Office Building 108
  • Jonathan Leinonen, Lecturer, Academic Office Building G002
  • Mari Buche, Associate Dean, Academic Office Building 105
  • Roger Woods, Senior Lecturer, Academic Office Building G010C

Van Pelt and Opie Library

  • Laurie Stark, Staff Development and Lean Initiatives Coordinator, Library 207

Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

  • Christy Oslund, Coordinator of Student Disability Services, Administration Building 130

Career Coaches offer practical career advice. They will let you know when to contact Career Services for additional support.