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Sharing their expertise around the world.

In 2008 and 2009, faculty members in the School of Business and Economics presented their research and shared their expertise across the nation and around the world.

2008-2009 Faculty Travel/Presentations

William Breffle

Estes Park, CO

Colorado State University: Pathways to Success
"Increasing Human Capacity for Global Human-Wildlife Coexistence"

Alan Brokaw

Chicago, IL

Marketing Management Association
“An Exploratory Examination of Consumer Behavior and the Fear of Rare Events”

Gary Campbell

Portland, OR

Business and Sustainability
“Fighting Resistance with Community Engagement: The Case of Kennecott”

Perth, Australia

"Copper in Global Market: What's Next?"

James Gale

St. Louis, MO

Missouri Valley Economics Association
“The Economics of Agricultural Fairs”

Latha Poonamallee 

Anaheim, CA

Academy of Management
"Critical Analyses Organization and Social Theorizing"

Howard Qi

Chicago, IL

Academy of Finance
"Constant Dividend Growth and Capital Structure"

Dallas, TX

Financial Management Association
“Predict Default Correlation from Equity Correlation”

Mark Roberts

Albequerque, NM

Ecological Society of America
“Reclamation of the Flambeau Mine”

Sonia Goltz

Anaheim, CA

Academy of Management
“Within-Group Design Options and the Questions They Can Answer”

Phoenix, AZ

Association for Behavior Analysis International
“Perceived Fairness of Groups and Organizations: A Human Foraging Rule?”

Greg Graman

Orlando, FL

Production and Operations Management Society
“Value Recovery in the Built Environment”

Dean Johnson

Las Vegas, NV

Global Business International
“Is a Project’s Initial Investment Risk Free? A Decision Tree Paradox”

Dana Johnson

Orlando, FL

Production and Operations Management Society
“Beliefs on Climate change and the Impact on Firms’ Operations and Integrating a Multidisciplinary Program Using Concept Mapping”

Maria Schutte

Grapevine, TX

Financial Management Association
“Creative Destruction and Firm-Specific Volatility Around the World”

Turin, Italy

Financial Management Association
“Where’s the Liquidity? Information and Transaction Costs in Asset Prices"

Pat Joyce

Tuscon, AZ

Economic Science Association
“Stuck in the Middle: An Analysis of the Median Voter in a Binary Choice Game”

Tom Merz

New Zealand

Massey University
“Stuck in the Middle: An Analysis of the Median Voter in a Binary Choice Game”

Paul Nelson

Washington DC

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
“Failure and Success Experiences in Commercializing Student Inventions”

David Orozco

Chicago, IL

Economic Growth
“Innovation Policy and Friends of the Court Patent Right Advocacy before the US Supreme Court”

Munich, Germany

Munich Intellectual Property Law Center
“Innovation Policy and Friends of the Court”

Manish Srivastava

Anaheim, CA

Academy of Management
“The Effects of Network and Cluster Resources on Firm Innovation”

Cologne, Germany

Strategic Management Society International
“All That Glitter is Not Golt: The Impact of Network and Cluster Tech Resources on the Breakthrough Innovations”

Joel Tuoriniemi

Long Beach, CA

Academy of Legal Studies International
“Equitable Tolling Revisited: An Examination of Refund Claims Under Irc Section 6511”

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