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Sharing their expertise around the world.

In 2012, faculty members in the School of Business and Economics presented their research and shared their expertise across the nation and around the world.

2011-2012 Faculty Travel/Presentations

Mari Buche

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Midwest Association for Information Systems
“Inter-sourcing IT Solutions with University Partners”

Gary Campbell

Beidaihe, China

Executive MBA program for China University of Mining and Technology

Beijing, China

Lectures on Goal-Setting and Strategic Planning by Private International Mining Companies

Josh Filzen

Vancouver, Washington

American Accounting Association Western Region Meeting
“The Information Content of Risk Factor Disclosures in Quarterly Reports”

Gregory A. Graman

Chicago, Illinois

POMS 2012 23rd Annual Conference and Sustainable Operations College Mini-Conference
"Sustainable cellulosic-ethanol closed-loop supply chain"

Soonkwan Hong

Tampa, Florida

American Marketing Association Conference
“A Postcolonial Critique of the globalization of popular culture: The case of K-pop”

San Francisco, California

American Marketing Association Conference
"Liberating Stigmatized Consumption Practices”


Consumer Culture Theory Conference
"Skating Dialectics and Flipping Genealogy”

Latha Poonamallee

San Antonio, Texas

Academy of Management Conference
“Impact of Collective Socio-Ecological Beliefs and Values on Societal Compassion in Disaster Management”

Glasgow, Scotland

MOPAN Conference
“Leader, Participant, Beneficiary, or Partner? Examination of Leadership Dynamics in a Collaborative Inter-Organizational Initiative”

Anne Warrington

Austin, Texas, and Denver, Colorado

Accounting Conference

Washington, DC

American Accounting Association’s Annual Meeting
"Effective Learning Strategies”

Dana M. Johnson

Chicago, Illinois

2012 23rd Annual Production and Operations Management Society Conference
“Woody forest residue supply chain for biofuels”

Dana M. Johnson and Gregory A. Graman

Boston, Massachusetts

2011 Decision Sciences Institute Conference
“Modeling the Operations Strategy for Outsourcing of Non-Core Operations in Institutions of Higher Education.”

Dean Johnson

Chicago, Illinois

MBAA Conference
“Overreaction to the CALPERS Focus List“

Becky Lafrancois

Evanston, Illinois

Midwestern Economics Association Annual Meeting

Andre Laplume

San Antonio, Texas

AOM Conference
“Exploration and exploitation approaches for different stages of firm growth through diversification”

Thomas Merz

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen University College of Engineering
Taught Economics during summer session

New Orleans,


American Political Science Association
“The Order of Voting and Cooperation: Collective-Action Games”

Howard Qi

Chicago, Illinois

Academy of Finance Annual Conference
“Is APV Better than WACC for Non-Stationary Debt Ratio?”

Maria Schutte

Krakow, Poland

19th Meeting of the Multinational Finance Society
“Stock Return Comovement in the New Millennium”

Liang Song

Chicago, Illinois

American Accounting Association
“Do Islamic Banks Employ Less Earnings Management?”

Bronx, New York

Financial Market Workshop at Fordham University
"Bank Stock Price Synchronicity: Global Evidence”

Junhong Min

Memphis, Tennessee

SMA Conference
“Promoting the Provider Performance in B2B Relationships”

Saurav Pathak, Emanuel Xavier de Oliveira, and Andre Laplume

Valencia, Spain

2nd Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy
“Technology Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: The Influence of Intellectual
Property Rights, Foreign Direct Investment and Barriers to Technological Adoption”

San Francisco, California

87th Annual Western Economic Alliance International Conference
“Technology Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: The Influence of Intellectual Property Rights, Foreign Direct Investment and Barriers to Technological Adoption”

Saurav Pathak

Dallas, Texas

Babson College
Entrepreneurship Research Conference
“Consumer Receptivity to innovations: Individual, peer-group and country-level effects”

Saurav Pathak, Sonia Goltz, and Mari Buche

Dallas, Texas

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
“Gendered institutions and influences on women’s entrepreneurship”

Manish K. Srivastava

Miami, Florida

Strategic Management Society Conference
“What They Like About You? Alignment of Firm Knowledge Structure and its Growth

San Antonio, Texas

Academy of Management Conference
“Lost in Your World? Role of Behavioral Orientation on the Impact of Alliance Portfolio on Innovation”

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