Graduate Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls

Achieve High-Level Skills in Emerging Automotive Technologies

Develop skills in control theory and applications suitable for self-parking systems, automatic cruise control technologies, integrated powertrain control, autonomous vehicles—innovation is driving the mobility revolution. Demand is growing for engineers who can design, develop, integrate, and control electro-mechanical components, subsystems, and complex multi input-output controls. An Automotive Systems and Controls Graduate Certificate develops the advanced skills and knowledge in engineering technologies the auto industry is looking for. The ASC certificate is offered on campus and online through the departments of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (MEEM), and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

Students who complete this certificate can show that they understand systems engineering and controls, bringing to their careers an interdisciplinary perspective on mobility and the dynamic networked systems and functions of vehicles on multiple fronts across roads, water, skies, and unmapped terrain.

The certificate provides graduate students and non-degree seeking students with an advanced knowledge of the design, integration, and control of electromechanical components, subsystems, and complex multi input-output control systems.

Focus on Controls in Automotive, Commercial, and Off-Highway Transportation Systems

The ASC graduate certificate encompasses commercial transportation and off-highway industries—and multiple aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering. Course content cuts across the entire automotive, transportation, and mobility industry, from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to suppliers, to system designers and testing. You will develop competencies in:

  • Controls
  • Systems engineering
  • Systems integration


Who qualifies for the program?

Degree-seeking students enrolled in the Graduate School at Michigan Technological University, and non-degree-seeking Michigan Tech students, including working engineers, may enroll in the certificate program if they meet these requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or a closely related field in a STEM discipline
  • A working understanding of control theory equivalent to that gained in EE 3261 or MEEM 4775
  • Competency in computer programming and simulation tools (for example, MATLAB)