Administration and Auxiliary Services

Our departments are dedicated to advancing the mission, vision, and goals of the University through effective and efficient administrative and support services. We provide services to faculty, staff, students, and the community to accomplish Michigan Tech's goals in a safe, healthy, and attractive setting.


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Inquiries About Property Transactions

All inquiries regarding real estate property transactions should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Administration. Real estate transaction types may include:

  • Real property sales
  • New leases and renewals
  • Real property purchases
  • Real property donations
  • Easements

Please call Administration (906-487-3348) with your inquiry.

Related to real property, please be aware of the Board of Trustees Policy 11.13 Signing Contracts and Other Legal Documents.

Signatures will be routed by Administration to the appropriate signatory:

  • Easements received from another party can only be signed by the Univeristy President, Secretary, or Treasurer.
  • Rentals and leases, to and from other parties, can only be signed by the University President, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Administration, Vice President for Research, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Please Note: Individual faculty, Chairs, and Deans are not authorized to sign real property documents.