Meet the Digital Services Team

Joel C. Vertin
"Just Go with It!"

Joel C. Vertin

Digital Services Manager

About Joel

  • Schedules new web projects for the University.
  • Assists in web marketing strategy and project management.
  • Has experience with CMS project management, search engine optimization, web analytics, social media, customer support, and user training.
  • Is a Michigan Tech alumnus from Laurium.
  • Favorite sports include golf, basketball, and softball. Enjoys attending Michigan Tech sports events.
Gail Sweeting
"Simple design, intense content."
—Edward R. Tufte

Gail Sweeting

Digital Content Manager

Administration Building G29C

About Gail

  • She helps departments prepare their website copy for migration to the University’s content management system.
  • She trains department web liaisons to maintain their websites in CMS and guides them in establishing a schedule for updating their sites.
  • She is an original member of the UMC web team.
Alex Hughes

Alexander Hughes

Digital Developer/Web Programmer

Administration Building G29

About Alexander

  • He is a Michigan Tech Alumnus from Hancock.
  • He is the programming and technical lead for the University’s content management system (CMS).
  • He assists in CMS training and technical user support.
  • He is an avid golfer, enjoys curling, watches many many movies, and would like to visit Finland someday.
Quentin Franke's Staff Photo

Quentin Franke

Digital Services Specialist

About Quentin

  • He works with the CMS and various web duties.
  • He enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, and golf.
  • Provides support to clients concerning their website
  • Researches, develops, and integrates SEO strategies
  • Manages Tech's blog system and client tickets
  • Social media team member, contributes, strategizes, and helps to improve Tech's social media presence.
  • Uses expertise of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build individual elements and whole websites for Tech.
Sue Hill

Sue Hill

Digital Services Specialist

Administration Building G29B

About Sue

  • She is a Michigan Tech alum, a local, and a long time former staff member with many departments.
  • She represents the College of Sciences and Arts regarding content management system (CMS) services.
  • She works with web liaisons within the college to maintain the websites for departments and programs.
  • She enjoys gardening, waterfalls, agate picking, and Lake Superior.
Becky Barnard

Becky Barnard

Digital Services Specialist II

Administration Building G29D

About Becky

  • She assists in project management and web marketing and social media strategy.
  • She represents several areas within the administration side of the university regarding content management system (CMS) services, including the Graduate School, Career Services, and the Great Lakes Research Center.
  • She enjoys hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, and biking around the Keweenaw, and lounging with a book on her couch.