University Marketing and Communications

Photography and Video

The studio team inside University Marketing and Communications produces the visuals that bring our marketing to life.

These specialists capture the people, experiences, and opportunities of Michigan Tech in a way that represents and enhances our brand. They work with departments, groups, and areas on high-impact, external-facing projects.

How we do it:

  • Campus-wide portraits
  • External-facing events including Winter Carnival, Commencement, K-Day, and more
  • Marketing photography for large, external-facing projects
  • External-facing marketing videos

Photo/Video Safety Policy

Is a photographer or videographer scheduled to visit your laboratory? Special precautions need to be taken when organizing a shoot in a lab setting. The Photo/Video Safety Policy will help you to protect the health and safety of the participants, as well as ensure the usability of the images, so we ask that you please review it in advance of the shoot.