Meet the Content and News Team

Jennifer Donovan

Jennifer Donovan

Director of News and Media Relations

Cell: 906-281-7530
Administration Building G07A

Her Beats

  • Research Centers & Institutes (other than KRC)
  • School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
  • Executive Team/Board of Control
  • International Programs

About Jenn

  • Her specialties include working with local, regional, national and special-interest news media.
  • She is skilled at finding and developing University news and research stories and interesting the news media in covering them.
  • She maintains the University Experts Guide.
  • She is a former newspaper reporter and magazine writer.
  • She enjoys reading detective stories and science fiction novels.
Dennis Walikainen

Dennis Walikainen

Senior Content Specialist

Cell: 906-281-7625
Administration Building G20

His Beats

  • Graduate School
  • Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences
  • School of Business and Economics/Entrepreneurship
  • School of Technology
  • Alumni
  • Athletics liaison

About Dennis

  • He maintains the University’s written history and keeps the Editorial Guide up to date.
  • Online, Dennis writes the TechAlum newsletter.
  • He manages the "hometowners": student news releases and tracks Michigan Tech's appearances in various publications.
  • He contributes news stories to Tech Today, the news site, and the news media.
  • Off campus he enjoys golf, running, and guts Frisbee.
Kevin Hodur

Kevin Hodur

Content Specialist

Administration Building G21

Danny Messinger

Content Specialist

Research Web Maintenance


Links of Interest

His Beats

  • College of Sciences and Arts (VPA, Humanities, Social Sciences)
  • Enrollment/Admissions
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Youth Programs/K–12 Outreach
  • Diversity
  • Career Services

About Danny

  • He is a Michigan Tech Alumnus.
  • He works with both Research and University Marketing and Communications to develop new web content and maintain existing content.
  • He enjoys skiing—both downhill and cross-country—and roller coasters.