Meet the Content and News Team

Jennifer Donovan

Jennifer Donovan

Director of News and Media Relations

Cell: 906-281-7530
Administration Building G07A

Her Beats

  • Research Centers & Institutes (other than KRC)
  • School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science
  • Executive Team/Board of Control
  • International Programs

About Jenn

  • Her specialties include working with local, regional, national and special-interest news media.
  • She is skilled at finding and developing University news and research stories and interesting the news media in covering them.
  • She maintains the University Experts Guide.
  • She is a former newspaper reporter and magazine writer.
  • She enjoys reading detective stories and science fiction novels.
Kara Sokol

Kara Sokol

Senior Strategist—Content

Administration Building G16

About Kara

  • She is the lead writer and project manager for Admissions, the Center for Pre-College Outreach, and Student Affairs.
  • Her favorite part of her job is getting to work with students; she advises the Michigan Tech Lode and works closely with Keweenaw Pride.
  • She adores fresh, snappy nonfiction and spends her spare time writing and trolling the web for cool books and blogs.
  • She believes that the world would be a better place if everyone embraced the serial comma.
Marcia Goodrich

Marcia Goodrich

Senior Content Specialist

Administration Building G14

Links of Interest

Her Beats

  • College of Engineering
  • Keweenaw Research Center
  • College of Sciences & Arts (Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science)

About Marcia

  • Her responsibilities include editing the Research and Michigan Tech magazines, writing and distributing news releases, and working with local media.
Dennis Walikainen

Dennis Walikainen

Senior Content Specialist

Cell: 906-281-7625
Administration Building G20

His Beats

  • Graduate School
  • Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences
  • School of Business and Economics/Entrepreneurship
  • School of Technology
  • Alumni
  • Athletics liaison

About Dennis

  • He maintains the University’s written history and keeps the Editorial Guide up to date.
  • Online, Dennis writes the TechAlum newsletter.
  • He manages the "hometowners": student news releases and tracks Michigan Tech's appearances in various publications.
  • He contributes news stories to Tech Today, the news site, and the news media.
  • Off campus he enjoys golf, running, and guts Frisbee.
Karina Jousma

Karina Jousma

Content Specialist

Alumni House, 2nd Floor

Her Beats

  • Enrollment/Admissions
  • Housing & Residential Life

About Karina

  • She develops, organizes, and structures copy for the Michigan Tech website in conjunction with University clients.
  • She is skilled in all phases of writing and editing, from concept development to copyediting.
  • She serves as the gatekeeper for style and grammar on the Michigan Tech website.
  • She is a Michigan Tech alumna from the Western Upper Peninsula.
Kevin Hodur

Kevin Hodur

Content Specialist

Administration Building G21

Danny Messinger

Content Specialist

Research Web Maintenance

Administration Building G19

Links of Interest

His Beats

  • College of Sciences and Arts (VPA, Humanities, Social Sciences)
  • Enrollment/Admissions
  • Housing and Residential Life
  • Youth Programs/K–12 Outreach
  • Diversity
  • Career Services

About Danny

  • He is a Michigan Tech Alumnus.
  • He works with both Research and University Marketing and Communications to develop new web content and maintain existing content.
  • He enjoys skiing—both downhill and cross-country—and roller coasters.