Department Academic Advisors

Stacy Cotey

Stacy Cotey

Academic Advisor & Director of Pre-Health Programs

Dow 733

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Karyn Fay

Karyn Fay

Professor of Practice & Director of Medical Laboratory Science

Dow 734

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Lois A. Blau

Lois A. Blau

Director, Chemistry Learning Center

Coordinator, Academic Advising

Academic Advisor (for undergraduate majors, double/dual majors, minors & transfer students)

Chem Sci 206A

Paul Charlesworth

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Undergraduate Advisor, Second-Year Students

Adjunct Associate Professor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Chem Sci 708A

Research Interests

  • Chemical education
  • Technology-supported learning
  • Online and Blended Classrooms
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Spatial Ability

Patricia A. Heiden

Professor, Chemistry

Undergraduate Advisor, Third-Year Students

Research Interests

  • Synthesizing, processing, and characterizing polymers and composites or nanoparticles
  • Stimulus-response nanoparticles for drug delivery
  • Electrospinning of nanofibers for tissue scaffolds
  • Structured nanoparticles for low-leaching wood preservation
  • Biocomposites and biofibers
  • Studies of controlled nanoscale interfaces of rice-hull reinforced composites
  • Engineered wood- or biopolymer-reinforced composites having improved processing, longevity, moisture resistance, and mechanical properties

Martin Thompson

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Undergraduate Advisor, Fourth-Year Students

Chem Sci 510B

Links of Interest

Research Interests

  • Understanding the molecular recognition features and assembly mechanisms of gene regulation

Bahne C. Cornilsen

Professor, Chemistry

Special Advisor for Double-Major Students, Minor Students, and Other Cases

Chem Sci 706A

Research Interests

  • The nickel electrode used in Ni-hydrogen and Ni-Cd batteries (the active cathode material is actually a nickel hydroxide or oxyhydroxide)
  • Prediction of vibrational spectra
  • Influence of point defects on vibrational spectra
  • Vibrational spectra of minerals

Haiying Liu

Professor, Chemistry

Undergraduate Research/Cooperative Education Advisor

Chem Sci 402E

Research Interests

  • Synthesis, characterization, and biomedical and sensing applications of water-soluble conjugated glycopolymers, glycodendrimers, glyconanopaticles, conjugated polyelectrolytes, small redox-active carbohydrate conjugates, and functional carbon nanotube arrays
Sarah Kuhl

Sarah Kuhl

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Rekhi 227

Office hours

Monday : 9am - 5pm
Tuesday : 9am - 2pm
Thursday : 9am - 5pm

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General Sciences and Arts - Undeclared

Sylvia Matthews

Sylvia Matthews

Program Director, General Sciences and Arts

Walker Arts and Humanities Center 102

Evelyn Johnson

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

(906) 487-2982
Walker 339

Advising Office Hours
Monday & Wednesday:
9:00 am–11:00 am; 1:00 pm–3:00 pm;
and other times by appointment.
Scheduling appointments in advance
is recommended.

Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Mary Ann Klooster

Lecturer, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

SDC 232
Amber Leonard

Amber Leonard

Intramural Coordinator

Instructor, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

SDC 202

Mathematical Sciences

David A. Olson

Senior Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mathematical Sciences

Fisher 220

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Fluid Flow
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Finance
  • PDEs

Mark S. Gockenbach

Department Chair, Mathematical Sciences

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Fisher 302

Areas of Expertise

  • Inverse problems in partial differential equations
  • Numerical optimization
  • Mathematical software

Melissa S. Keranen

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Fisher 233B

Links of Interest

Areas of Expertise

  • Combinatorial designs
  • Graph decompositions
  • Graph colorings

Shari L. Stockero

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

205 Meese Center

Areas of Expertise

  • Preservice Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teacher Noticing
  • Teacher Learning
  • Use of Video Cases in Teacher Education
John Jaszczak

John Jaszczak

Undergraduate Advisor—First-Year and Secondary Education Students, Orientation (Scheduling)

Fisher Hall 102

Will H. Cantrell

Will Cantrell

Undergraduate Advisor—Second-Year and Third-Year Students

Fisher Hall 112

Robert S. Weidman

Robert Weidman

Undergraduate Advisor—Fourth-Year and Transfer Students

Fisher Hall 106

Social Sciences

Mary H. Durfee
"Good things come in small packages—you can get a GREAT liberal arts education from us. Our graduates get jobs and enroll in fine graduate programs at universities like Yale, Michigan, and Johns Hopkins."
—Mary Durfee

Mary H. Durfee

Associate Professor of Government, Social Sciences

Department Advisor for Majors University Competitive Scholarships Advisor

Visiting Professor, University of Malta

Academic Office Building 216

Areas of Expertise

  • Great Lakes of North America
  • International Law
  • Malta
  • Scholarship of Pedagogy

Kari B. Henquinet

Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences

Director, Peace Corps Master's International Programs

Areas of Expertise

  • International/transnational development
  • Faith-based development
  • Gender
  • Human rights
  • Global service learning
  • African studies (Niger)

Visual and Performing Arts

Susanne Kilpela
"This above all: To thine own self be true"

Christopher Plummer

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Sound Design
  • Sound System Consultation
  • Sound Mixing
  • Sound Studies

Michael Christianson

Visiting Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Director of Bands

Michael Irish

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Jazz Studies
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Composer/Arranger
  • Clinician/Adjudicator/Performer
  • Rhythm Section Specialist

Joel Neves

Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Rozsa 205

Links of Interest

Patricia Helsel

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

Walker 209E

Links of Interest


  • Acting
  • Voice and Articulation
  • Musical Theatre
  • Audition Techniques
  • Vocal Techniques for Media and Theatre
  • Presentation

Mary Carol "M.C." Friedrich

Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Costume Design & Construction
  • Lighting Design
  • Scene Design
  • Color Science for Designers in Theatre

Kalen Larson

Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Technical Theatre Production
  • Scenic Design
  • Stage Mechanics
  • Rigging
  • Metal Working

Air Force ROTC

Michael Brothers

LTC Michael D. Brothers


Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC

AFROTC/DET 400, 103 ROTC Building

Links of Interest


LTC Jonathan W Fox

Assistant Professor Military Service

Recruiting Operations Officer

MSIII Class Instructor