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The College of Science and Arts at Michigan Tech is dedicated to pursuing education and research in all aspects—business, scientific, and technical; human, social, cultural and artistic; structural and organizational—of the technological world we live in. Offering over 50 degrees and certificates for both graduate and undergraduate students, with an emphasis in cross-disciplinary work—students in the College are uniquely prepared to solve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century.

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Mary Jane Kachmarsky Knapp

Dr. Mary Jane Kachmarsky Knapp


Dr. MJ Kachmarsky Knapp graduated from Michigan Technological University in three years in 1972 with a BS in Biology and Pre-Med. She furthered her medical education at Georgetown University and Wayne State University, earning her master’s in physiology and pharmacology, summa cum laude. Her research in blood coagulation under professor Dr. Walter Seegers included studies of Antithrombin III, Thrombin and Heparin. MJ graduated from Michigan State University’s medical school in 1977. She also conducted independent . . .

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Shaw Walker

Shaw Walker

Shaw Walker graduated in 1937 from Yale. He is the retired chairman and CEO of Shaw-Walker Company, a former manufacturer of office equipment in Muskegon.

Shaw is presently honorary chairman and president of the Shaw-Walker Foundation. In the fall of 1982 Shaw Walker walked into former President Dale Stein's office and asked what he could do to help Michigan Tech. Dale responded that the university's most urgent need at that time was the development of its capability to . . .

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Steven Misenheimer

Steven L. Misenheimer


Steve Misenheimer received a B.S. in Computer Science with an Application specialty in Electrical Engineering in 1981. While focusing on his degree, Steve maintained a strong interest in the fine arts, especially the Jazz Lab Band and Pep Band.

During his college years and throughout his career, Steve believed that software engineering offers an incredibly flexible discipline that can be applied to any number of products and applications.

Following graduation, Steve worked for Honeywell in the area of aviation . . .

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Jeffrey R. Haskins

Dr. Jeffrey R. Haskins

'86, '86

Dr. Haskins received dual BS degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from Michigan Technological University in 1986. He earned a MS in Toxicology from the University of Michigan in 1988, and a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences in 1998.

Dr. Haskins professional career began in 1988 at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan as an Industrial Toxicologist for North American Plant Operations. He evaluated the chemical composition and assessed the safety of more than 3000 products in . . .

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Joseph Roti Roti

Joseph Roti Roti

'72, '65

Dr. Joseph Roti Roti graduated from Michigan Tech in 1965 with a BS in Physics. He continued his studies at the University of Rochester and earned a PhD in Biophysics in 1972, followed by a postdoctoral year at the University of Florida in biochemistry.

He was on the faculty at the University of Utah as assistant and associate professor of radiology until 1985 when he joined Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1987, he has served as . . .