AROTC: Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

Michigan Tech 1st Arctic Battalion

The history of Michigan Tech is closely interwoven with that of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In 1917, over 300 men of the 1st Battalion, 107th Engineers, were mobilized on the campus. Every officer of this battalion was a graduate of Michigan Tech. In addition, many students of the college and faculty members joined Company "G," 125th Infantry, 32nd Division.

Detachment history

Minor in Military Arts and Science

Learn about the United States military and leadership practices in the military and civilian sectors. Not enrolled in ROTC? Not a problem. Courses are available to non-AROTC students.

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The AROTC Experience

Financial planning is essential
Get help with college expenses.
Military discipline, college experience
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Excellence is your standard
Challenge yourself physically and intellectually.
Leading is your calling
Serve your country as an officer.

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