Katrina Black

Katrina Black


  • Lecturer, Physics
  • PhD Physics, University of Maine
  • BS Physics, Michigan Technological University

Research Interests

Physics Education Research is concerned, in part, with how physicists and physics students organize and communicate their knowledge of physics.  I am particularly interested in how upper level students bring their understanding of mathematics into the physics classroom, and how it can be appropriately modeled using large-scale, stable knowledge ("conceptions"), small-scale, flexible knowledge ("pieces" or "resources") or a combination of the two.

Recent Publications

  • M.C. Wittmann and K.E. Black. "Mathematical actions as procedural resources: An example from the separation of variables." Phys. Rev. ST Phy. Educ. Res. 11, 020114 (2015)
  • M.C. Wittmann and K.E. Black. "Visualizing changes in pretest and post-test student responses with consistency plots." Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ. Res. 10, 010114 (2014)
  • M.C. Wittmann, V.J. Flood, and K.E. Black. "Algebraic manipulations as motion within a landscape." Educational Studies in Mathematics 82.2 (2013).