Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences degree students undergo a rigorous curriculum in a vibrant environment for professional development and scientific discourse. Our faculty, along with students, model combustion in diesel engines, use advanced statistics to find the genetic basis of complex diseases, and develop communication theories needed for future quantum computers.

Kliakhandler Conference: Graph Decompositions

Thursday-Saturday, August 9-11, 2018

The purpose of the 2018 Kliakhandler Conference is to stimulate research activity and collaboration between researchers and students who are interested in graph decompositions and their applications. Graph decomposition problems regularly appear in the fields of graph theory, design theory, and algebra and have applications to communication, optimization, and algorithms. The conference will also include a special session titled “Everyday Combinatorics”, which will focus on combinatorics at the high school level. The session will be geared towards in-service and pre-service teachers, and faculty and graduate students who are interested in enrichment/outreach activities.