Department Chairs

Biological Sciences

Chandrashekhar P. Joshi
"Cellulose is the fiber of human civilization."

Chandrashekhar P. Joshi

  • Department Chair and Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Affiliated Professor, SFRES
906-487-2738 (Biology)
Dow 741,

Research Interests, Biological Sciences

  • Plant Molecular Genetics

Areas of Expertise, Biology and Forestry

  • Cellulose and lignin biosynthesis in trees
  • Wood formation
  • Tree growth and development
  • Engineering trees
  • Forest bioinformatics


Cary F. Chabalowski

  • Professor & Chair, Chemistry
Chem Sci 607E

Research Interests

  • Development of methods for modeling chemical properties and reactions
  • Modeling drug activity
  • The study of molecular spectroscopy
  • Detection of chemical warfare agents
  • Modeling gas-phase combustion reactions associated with energetic materials
  • Studying reactions of small, organic compounds on metal surfaces.

Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Susan L. Amato-Henderson

  • Department Chair, Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  • Associate Professor of Psychology, Cognitive and Learning Sciences
Meese Center 107

Research Interests

  • Motivation Science
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Impact of Values on Behavior
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Individual Differences in STEM Learning

Computer Science

Min Song

  • David House Professor and Chair, Computer Science
  • Founding Director, Institute of Computing and Cybersystems
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Areas of Expertise

  • Wireless Communication Networks and Systems
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Mobile Computing


Ronald Strickland

  • Department Chair, Humanities
  • Professor of Literature, Humanities
(906) 487-2376
Walker 301B

Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Jason R. Carter

  • Department Chair and Professor, Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology
  • Assistant to VPR for Research
  • Affiliated Professor, Biological Sciences, Cognitive and Learning Sciences
SDC 231

Links of Interest

Research Interests

  • Autonomic and Cardiovascular Control in Humans
  • Neurovascular Responses to Mental Stress
  • Sleep and Autonomic Activity in Humans
  • Sex Differences and Sympathetic Activity
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Balance in Elite Athletes

Mathematical Sciences

Mark S. Gockenbach

  • Department Chair, Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Fisher 302

Areas of Expertise

  • Inverse problems in partial differential equations
  • Numerical optimization
  • Mathematical software


Ravindra Pandey

  • Professor, Physics
  • Department Chair, Physics
  • Fellow of American Physical Society
Fisher 108


  • Modeling of Materials

Social Sciences

Hugh S. Gorman

  • Department Chair, Social Sciences
  • Professor of Environmental History and Policy, Social Sciences
Academic Office Building 215


  • Environmental Policy and History
  • History of Technology
  • History of Science
  • Economic History

Research Interests

  • The historical interaction between technological change, uses of the environment, and systems of governance
  • Adaptive governance
  • Sustainable energy and environmental policy

Visual and Performing Arts

Jared Anderson

  • Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Choral Singing
  • Contemporary Choral Music
  • Musical Theater
  • Skill Acquisition in the Large Group Rehearsal
  • Ear-Training

Air Force ROTC

Lieutenant Colonel John F. O’Kane

  • Commander
  • Professor, Aerospace Studies
AFROTC/DET 400, ROTC Building 103


LTC Michael Firmin

  • Professor of Military Science