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The College of Sciences and Arts faces challenges common to all areas of the University—indeed to most institutions of higher education nation wide. It is expensive to maintain state-of-the-art research facilities and classrooms—especially when rapidly changing technological possibilities coexist with tightening budgets. Increasingly, the support and assistance of our alumni and friends are essential for enabling the excellence that we seek.

Attract and Retain World-class Faculty

The College of Sciences and Arts has had great luck over the past eight years in attracting superb new faculty to our departments. These dynamic teachers and researchers are poised to make a real difference in both the education of our students and the advancement of knowledge. But it takes good facilities and other types of support to enable them to be successful and to want to remain at Michigan Tech. There is a special need for endowed professorships and endowed chairs in every department. The endowments provide funds to support research, graduate students and travel—all elements in attracting the best faculty we can and in ensuring their success. We aim to create endowed positions in every department in the college.

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Improve and Maintain Our Facilities

A second need in most departments relates to upgrading facilities and developing modern space. Michigan Tech’s strategic goals of expanded research and graduate education programs require significant expansion and upgrading of campus facilities. A very special need concerns the upgrading and improvement of facilities within Chemistry, which have not been touched since their initial installation in the 1970’s. We are committed to developing green chemistry labs and research spaces for the department, steps that are likely to involve an entirely new building. Other priority needs in the college include:

  • extending the Academic Office Building that Social Sciences shares with the School of Business and Economics;
  • remodeling the ROTC Building—the old University Club House;
  • upgrading Biological Sciences labs.

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Increase Supplemental Educational Opportunities

A final asset of opportunities can be labeled support for excellence—development of endowments or other support that will allow departments to undertake activities promoting excellence in education and research. In every department, these opportunities include endowments for travel to professional meetings for faculty and students, undergraduate scholarships, and research fellowships for graduate students.

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Meet Department-specific Needs

In addition, specific opportunities where external support can make a real difference in these departments: