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Kevin Hodur

Content Specialist

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Just a couple of weeks ago, they were building statues and sculptures. This week they're building something that will last well beyond the first warmth of spring.

The All-Nighter is not sand castles on the beach. It isn't shorts and a t-shirt. Because it wouldn't be anything if it was.

Commencement is one of the days where you can't have enough memories. It's years and years of work, dedication, and support, all compressed into two hours. These are a few additional written snapshots from December 20, 2014.

Captain Justin Fitch, an '05 Michigan Tech graduate, has seen his share of combat. Now, battling one final enemy, he's doing everything he can to preserve the lives of veterans from across the armed forces.

Celebrating 10 years with a new name, this year's film festival presents a host of critically-acclaimed offerings as well as the chance to meet several of the filmmakers themselves.