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Michigan Tech

University Editorial Guide


Michigan Tech reviews various sources to both keep pace with the changing English language and remain consistent with the way we use the language. The Elements of Style by Strunk and White and The Associated Press Stylebook are examples, and the AP Stylebook is used in our press releases to match media style. Michigan Tech's Editorial Guide is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition, within which Michigan Tech uses the "down" style. In other words, we prefer not capitalizing words when possible and, in general, using less ornamentation.

A Description of Who We Are

Michigan Technological University ( is a leading public research university developing new technologies and preparing students to create the future for a prosperous and sustainable world. Michigan Tech offers more than 130 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering; forest resources; computing; technology; business; economics; natural, physical and environmental sciences; arts; humanities; and social sciences.