Incoming Students

Dates to Remember

Orientation Week August 25 – August 29
Classes begin Tuesday, Sept 2nd
International Student Orientation August 23rd

Fall 2014 incoming students:


Transfer Students

Fall schedules will be entered by the Registration Office soon after your transfer credits have been processed. Send in an official copy of your transcript as soon as possible. Email if you have questions, I will be available in July and August to help with planning. Transfer Student orientation-advising is scheduled Friday, August 29 in EERC 131, 1-3:30.

First-year students/Freshmen

Fall 2014 Classes are determined based on your ALEKS math placement. The Registrar's Office will schedule your ‘Cohort' courses: MAth, ENGineering and PHysics, in mid-July. Look for your schedule on Banweb (MyMichiganTech) then.

Computer Engineers: You may take the CS Programming Skills test online if you are an experienced programmer. If you pass the test, you may take CS1131 in fall, instead of CS1121 and then CS1122. Contact Trever with questions: 906-487-2240 or 

Electrical Engineers: CH 1150/1151, University Chemistry is required for Electrical Engineering majors. Carefully choose the correct starting chemistry course for you. If you are not well-prepared for CH1150/1151, take CH1000 first. A chemistry course will be scheduled for you. You may switch to the correct Chem course for you. Contact Judy if you wish to switch:

Math - if you are not ready for calculus

If you begin in a pre-calculus Math course, view suggested fall schedule for students starting in MA 1031, or MA 1032. MA1031 and MA1032 students will take ENG1001 in fall, then ENG1100 in spring in lieu of ENG1101. MA 1030 students will have similar fall schedule, but no ENGineering course. MA1030 students will take ENG1101 in semester 3 with Calculus I, MA1160/61.

Chemistry Decision

CH 1150 – University Chemistry I is required for Electrical Engineers. CH 1150/1151 University Chemistry I and Lab.   CH 1153 is optional recitation section, recommended if you would like weekly review of chemistry material.

CH 1000 is a “Free Elective”. Take it only if you plan to take CH 1150/1151/1153 and are not yet well-prepared for University Chemistry.

Chemistry – read here for Chemistry course selection help. We strongly urge students to register for the correct chemistry course during or before Orientation.

HASS Requirements  (Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts electives)

First-Year students can take a HUFA, SBS or  HASS elective course with an "*" if you need more credits.

E-mail Judy if you have questions: or call Judy at 906-487-2232.

Freshmen: You will be scheduled to meet with your Academic Advisor, Judy Donahue or Trever Hassell during your first semester. We will review details of your program and plan your spring classes.

Transfer Students: Contact Judy during Summer to get your Fall schedule ready.  Meet with Judy (EE"S) or Trever(CpE's)  on Friday, August 29,  between 1:00 & 3:30PM in EERC 131 for Advising.

Double-major: Students planning a double major with Computer Engineering (CpE) and Electrical Engineering (EE) – It is best to follow the Computer Engineering suggested plan. CH1150/51 is required ( you don't have to take it in first year). A sample CpE/EE Double-major flowchart will be available when you get here. Specify Computer Engineering as your primary major. If you wish to change your major to Computer Engineering, contact Admissions at 1-888-688-1885. You will add a "double major" after you arrive-see Judy or Trever to add a double major.

Trever:  906-487-2240,   
Judy:  906-487-2232,

New international transfer students:

If you will have transfer credits, send syllabi and course description and lab/experiment details to Michigan Tech, International Programs and Services in May or June along with official copy of your transcript. Approved translations only. Send information for each course you wish to transfer to Michigan Tech.

If you do not have Michigan Tech Mathematics transfer credits ON YOUR RECORD at Michigan Tech, attend the Math Placement exam on Tuesday, August 26th, at 8:00 a.m., in Fisher building room 331. You will not get a class schedule until you take this exam or have transferred your math credits. If you miss the math placement exam, see Ms. Ann Humes in Fisher building, room 205B as soon as you arrive at Michigan Tech or email Ms. Humes at

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