Computer Engineering Advising

8 Semester Flowcharts

Adjustments might be required due to curriculum changes. Please contact Judy Donahue with any questions.
If you began Fall 2014 8 semester Flowchart    
Fall 2013 8 semester Flowchart    
Fall 2012 . . . 8 semester Flowchart    
Fall 2011 . . . Path B copy 3  
Fall 2010 . . . Path A updt Path B updt Path C updt
Fall 2009 . . .   Path B Adjusted  
(originals) Path A Path B Path C
Fall 2007 or Fall 2008 . . .   Interim B  
(originals) Path A Path B Path C
The above interim flowcharts incorporate the changes from 2010. Most students prefer path B. Please contact your advisor for help.
Prior to Fall 2007 . . . Path A Path B Path C
Prerequisite chain flowchart 2010–2011 with Fall 2010 & 2012 curriculum changes

Curriculum Checklist

Use the checklist that pertains to your audit year (usually the year you started at Tech) to keep track of meeting the BSCpE. Update your checklist at the end of each semester. Use DARS to monitor progress.
Download the CpE Curriculum Checklist for

                                           CpE Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

                                            CpE Fall 2010-Spring 2011

                                             CpE Fall 2009-Spring 2010

                                            CpE Fall 2008-Spring 2009

CpE Technical Electives

In the Computer Engineering Program, technical electives are 3,000-level or higher courses approved by the ECE Department Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC). On rare occasions, the UPC may list a 2,000-level course if and only if, in the UPC’s opinion, it has exceptional technical content, focus, and rigor for a 2,000-level course.

Suggested Technical Electives by Career Areas  (see approved list for all options)

Approved CpE Technical Electives List  for students who began fall 2010 and later

Approved CpE Technical Electives List  for students who began prior to fall 2010

Detailed Explanation of CpE Technical Electives Including Rules and Procedures for Accepting Individual or Team Courses as CpE Technical Electives    for students who began prior to fall 2010