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8 Semester Flowcharts

EE Flowcharts 

If you began Fall 2015 Suggested 8 semester plan
Fall 2014 Suggested 8 Semester Plan
Fall 2013 Suggested 8 Semester Plan
Fall 2012 Suggested 8 Semester Plan
Fall 2011 Suggested 8 Semester Plan
Fall 2010 Suggested 8 Semester Plan

EE with Concentration Flowcharts (suggested plans)

If you began Fall 2015 Photonics Concentration 2015 Flowchart
Fall 2014 Photonics Concentration 2014 Flowchart
Fall 2013 Photonics Concentration 2013 Flowchart
Fall 2012 Photonics Concentration 2012 flowchart
Fall 2011 Concentration Photonics 2011 flowchart
If you began Fall 2015         Biomedical Applications Concentration 2015 flowchart
If you began Fall 2015         Environmental Applications Concentration 2015 flowchart


EE Electives

Approved Electives

Approved Electives requirements for BSEE

past Approved Electives lists for BSEE by the year you began:

Curriculum Checklist and Degree Audit form

Use your online degree audit report to monitor your degree progress. The degree audit .pdf form shows the official degree requirements. All majors and majors with concentrations can be viewed:

Degree Audit .pdf forms  - Degree Services website

These checklists are intended to help keep track of meeting the BSEE degree requirements, but are not official degree requirement documents. 

EE Checklist for Fall 2011-Spring 2012

EE Photonics Checklist for Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Electrical Engineering – Photonics Concentration

The ECE Photonics concentration deals with understanding and manipulating the wave and quantum properties of light to engineer solutions for society in the areas of remote sensing, communications, and optical information processing.

View the Photonics Concentration Requirements


EE-Photonics curriculum checklists:  Use this and DARS to monitor progress.

 EE Photonics Checklist 2011-2012

 EE Photonics Checklist 2010-2011

Electrical Power Engineering Certificate

The Certificate in Electric Power Engineering provides the student with the foundational tools and knowledge needed to understand and work with the electric power aspects of the electric utility industry.

Download this Certificates Audit Form