Electrical Engineering Advising

8 Semester Flowcharts

EE Flowcharts-choose academic year you began or your catalog term:

2016-17 Calculus        
2016-17 Pre-calculus
Fall 2015-16
Fall 2014-15
Fall 2013-14
Fall 2012-13
Fall 2011-12

EE with Photonics Concentration

Photonics Fall 2016-2017
Photonics Fall 2015-16
Photonics Fall 2014-15
Photonics Fall 2013-14
Photonics Fall 2012-13
Photonics Fall 2011-12

EE - Biomedical Applications Concentration

Biomedical Applications 2016-2017  
Biomedical Applications 2015-16

EE - Environmental Applications Concentration

Environmental Applications 2016-17
Environmental Applications 2015-16

EE - Engineering Enterprise Concentration

Engineering Enterprise 2016-17

EE Electives

Degree Audit form (.pdf)

Use your online degree audit report (in Banweb) to monitor your degree progress. The degree audit .pdf form shows the official degree requirements. All majors and majors with concentrations can be viewed by catalog year:

Degree Audit .pdf forms  - Degree Services website