Staff Directory


  • Director of Research Computing, Information Technology
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Research Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering NSF XSEDE Campus Champion

Links of Interest

Teaching Interests

  • Scientific Computing

Research Interests

  • Parallel computing and visualization
  • Design and optimization of supercomputing platform
  • Design of computational work flows
  • Technological tools for research and teaching
  • Interaction of biological matter with nanomaterials
  • Electronic structure calculations of nanoclusters
Joan Becker

Joan Becker

  • ECE Graduate Program Coordinator


  • Assists ECE graduate students with Department and Graduate School requirements and procedures
  • Coordinates new ECE graduate student orientation (fall and spring)
Judy Donahue

Judy Donahue

  • ECE Undergraduate Advisor


  • Provides academic advising for undergraduates
  • First-year and transfer student orientation
  • Meets with prospective students and their families
  • Coordinates Fall Open House and Preview Day events (for ECE)
  • Serves on UPC and Diversity committees within ECE
Lisa Hitch

Lisa Hitch

  • Business Manager and Technical Communications Specialist


  • Executive assistant to the chair
  • Oversees Department finances
  • Coordinates Department communications and marketing including publications and website
  • Assists faculty with research proposals and project account administration
  • Coordinates and oversees faculty and staff searches, reappointments, and promotion and tenure processes
  • Assists with new faculty and staff orientation
  • Space Coordinator for department
Michele Kamppinen

Michele L. Kamppinen

  • Staff Assistant


  • Assists w/department event planning
  • Schedules student appointments w/undergraduate advisor
  • Processes reimbursement requests
  • Coordinates textbook orders
Chito Kendrick

Chito Kendrick

  • Managing Director, Microfabrication Facility/Instructor
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Pakkala

John Pakkala

  • Graduate Academic Advisor/Instructor
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chuck Sannes

Chuck Sannes

  • Laboratory Supervisor


  • Lab maintenance
  • Lab equipment calibration
  • Circuit board fabrication
  • Senior Design/Enterprise support
  • Research support
Mark Sloat

Mark Sloat

  • Research Associate


  • Safety Liaison for ECE Department
  • Maintain and repair laboratory equipment in undergraduate and research labs
  • Printed circuit board fabrication for undergraduate and research programs
  • Assist students with electrical/electronic design in senior design and enterprise programs