How We've Grown:
Sharing Knowledge,
Building Wisdom

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At Michigan Tech, the amazing natural beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula reaches right into the campus. Yet a glance across the Keweenaw waterway reminds us that our natural environment is very different from the landscape created a century ago by men seeking copper underground. Our contemporary landscape reinforces the teaching of ecologists about the interconnectedness of all living things.

That ecological recognition of connectedness and interwoven linkages also informs the approaches guiding the growth and development of the College of Sciences and Arts as its 50th anniversary approaches. This booklet highlights the work and interests of faculty who are pursuing innovative and creative research and scholarly endeavors. Their common threads are efforts that are collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. Their interests span the globe and even further, or reach to the smallest features we can observe at the nanoscale.

And the quality of our faculty correlates with their collaborative and interdisciplinary style. Such an approach marks where the College is going, and explains the growth of our programs and research initiatives. We are excited to engage undergraduates in the newest research programs, connecting the addition of knowledge to our educational mission. In this way, students not only learn about the interconnectedness of science and our world, but also about the excitement of the process. The icons at the top of the page are designed to indicate the broad foundations of knowledge that faculty bring to their studies, but you will note that every page includes several symbols as a signal of their collaborative approaches and the interdisciplinary nature of their projects.

As you explore the pages that follow, I hope you sense the enthusiasm and fascination of the work in which our faculty and students are engaged. I could not be more proud of what has happened in this College in recent years. This is the best group of faculty Michigan Tech has had, a comment not intending to disrespect those who came before. It simply means our faculty are good! And they continue to attract great students interested in learning and building foundations for successful careers. So as you read on, remember that the term interdisciplinary defines this College, its faculty and students, and their exciting work.