Michigan Educational Trust (MET)

To be eligible to participate in the MET program, a MET contract must have been previously purchased from the State of Michigan on the student's behalf. MET contracts are purchased on a cash basis or on a credit hours basis.

All billings sent to MET are based on the form of purchase. If by cash basis, MET is billed the lessor amount of tuition and mandatory fees or funds available. If by credit hours basis, MET is billed for the lessor of credit hours scheduled and mandatory fees or credits available. Currently, mandatory fees are the Student Activity Fees and the Experience Tech Fees.

Activate Your MET Contract

When a student is ready to utilize their MET contract, the student must contact MET to activate the contract. MET must be notified of the college the student is attending.

Students are not required to notify MTU that they are covered under a MET contract.

Billing MET

Each term MET will send an electronic list to the Student Billing Office of those students who have notified MET of their intention to attend MTU. The Student Billing Office will bill MET based on this list. MTU bills MET on a semester basis.

For questions concerning charges and credit hours billed to MET by MTU, please contact our office.

If you have additional questions concerning the MET contract, please see the contract packet provided by MET or by visiting MET’s web site. You may also contact MET directly by calling 1-800-MET-4KID (1-800-638-4543).