Primary Duties

The primary duties of the Michigan Tech Cashier's Office are to

  • receive payment of tuition bills,
  • cash checks (up to $100) with a photo ID,
  • process non-Michigan Tech scholarship checks,
  • receive payment of rent (monthly) for the Daniell Heights Apartments,
  • process department deposits, and
  • process payment-plan contracts.

Tuition Account Payments

To access your student tuition account and make a payment, please use MyMichiganTech.


Please use the Deposit Form to make a deposit.

Please use the Graduate School Deposit Form to make an  emergency loan repayment.

Please use the Academic & Community Conduct Deposit Form to make a sanction class payment.

Please use the Study Abroad Deposit Form to make a study abroad deposit payment.

Check-Cashing Policy

The Cashier's Office cashes checks for students, staff, and faculty in accordance with the following policy:

  • The daily limit is $100 per person (total of all checks).
  • A Michigan Tech ID card is required.
  • No third party checks can be cashed. (Checks issued to other than MTU or the person presenting the check). 
  • We reserve the right to refuse checks for:
    • persons with outstanding bounced checks,
    • persons who have bounced checks resulting in outside collection action, 
    • nonstudents who have bounced more than two checks in the past,
    • students who have bounced more than three checks in the past,
    • nonstudents who have bounced two checks in the past and have repaid within the last year, or
    • students who have bounced three checks in the past and have repaid within the last year.

Special Consideration for Petty Cash Funds 

Michigan Tech checks are issued to the petty cash custodians to replenish departmental petty cash funds. The following policy relates to cashing these checks only.

  • The $100 limit is waived.
  • The petty cash custodian may designate another Michigan Tech employee to cash the check at the Cashier's Office. For the protection of all concerned, a memo must accompany the designated person with the following information:
    • payee's name (custodian) and signature;
    • designated person's name and signature;
    • amount of check, check number, and date of check;
  • The check must be endorsed by the payee as follows:
    • pay to the order of designated name, and
    • payee's signature.
  • The designated person will endorse at the cashier's window. A photo ID is required.

Safeguarding Cash

Units that collect cash must have adequate measures in place to safeguard that cash. To properly secure cash, it must be kept inaccessible to those who do not have a legitimate need to access it. The use of safes with combination locks is recommended where practical. Units that have cash safes should make sure the safe is kept locked when it is not in use or is unattended by those responsible for it. Additionally, combinations should be changed on a regular basis, especially after anyone who knows the combination leaves the department or no longer needs access to the safe.