6.21—Employee Separation/Transfer

Policy Number: 6.21
Title: Employee Separation/Transfer
Effective: 09/01/2015
Senate Proposal: No
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Administration
Responsible Office: Human Resources

Policy Statement

The University will ensure that employee transfers and separations, including voluntary and involuntary terminations and terminations due to the death of an employee, are handled in a fair, consistent, and professional manner with minimal disruption to ongoing work functions.

Policy Requirements

Separations may be voluntary or involuntary and can occur based upon resignation, retirement including those under Retirement Supplemental Voluntary Program (RSVP), disciplinary reasons, end of appointments, transition to Long-Term Disability, reductions in force/reorganizations and/or death of the employee. To ensure that the University is compliant with its responsibilities governing voluntary and involuntary separations, processes have been established for employees, supervisors, and departments to follow when an employee transfers departments or resigns, retires, dies, or is involuntarily separated from the University. The procedures, outlined in 6.21.1, must be followed and the department is responsible for initiating the necessary action in a timely manner.


This policy establishes the process and documentation requirements for the separation and transfer of employees working for Michigan Technological University. Timely separation/transfer actions provide accurate and real-time employment data necessary to manage employee benefits and reporting requirements, and to ensure timely and accurate processing of pay. This policy ensures that employees who leave the university or transfer to another department are separated properly, in a timely manner, and that any university/department property is collected, and it reduces the University’s exposure to data security and access risk by ensuring that only actively working persons have access to data and facilities.

Related Policy Information

This policy supports Board of Trustees Policy 4.3 Employment Policy for Professional Staff and Chapter 7.3 of the Faculty Handbook (Clean-up for Exiting Laboratory Employees)


This policy applies to all employees with the following exception: Short-term/Casual/Seasonal Employees Student Employees


Office/Unit Name Telephone Number
Human Resources 487-2280


Involuntary Separation - Separation from the University that is initiated by the university. This could be for any of the following reasons including the following but not limited to: termination during probationary period, unsatisfactory job performance, disciplinary reasons, misconduct, elimination of position due to lack of funds or reorganization, layoff or other.

Retirement / RSVP - Separation from the University that is initiated by the employee upon reaching the normal age to retire and meets eligibility requirements which could include retiring under the RSVP to receive monetary pay upon retirement.

Transfer - Employee separates from current department, but remains employed by the University.

Voluntary Separation - Separation from the University that is initiated by the employee or by mutual agreement between the employee and the University. This includes resignation, retirement, and completion of contract or term appointment.

Intra-University Consulting - Consulting which occurs between two separate and distinct departments within the University. For purposes of this policy, research centers which are functioning units within a school or college are not separate and distinct departments.


Employee - For voluntary separations and transfers, employees are expected to provide no less than two (2) week's notice of resignation.

Department / Supervisor - Contact Human Resources for any separation that may warrant special handling including but not limited to RSVP retirements, disciplinary, and layoff.

Human Resources - Work with department and/or supervisor on any separations that may warrant special handling including but not limited to RSVP retirements, disciplinary, and layoff.


In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:


Forms and Instructions

In support of this policy, the following forms/instructions are included:


Adoption Date

09/01/2015 Approved by VP for Administration.


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