Allison Mills

Allison Mills


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  • Administration Building G21
  • Associate Director of Research Communications, University Marketing and Communications


A through and through geek, Allison writes university research stories. She studied geoscience as an undergrad at Northland College before getting a master's in environmental science and natural resource journalism at the University of Montana. She moonlights as a dance instructor, radio fiend, and occasional rock licker.

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  • Sciences, Engineering and Technology
  • School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

About Allison

  • She focuses on writing new stories about Michigan Tech research -- everything from robotic prostheses to mesocosms to the physics of raindrops.
  • A University of Montana graduate, she earned a master's degree in environmental science and natural resource journalism, which built on her bachelor's in geoscience from Northland College.
  • She's a radio geek.

Recent Stories

MTU Students Shoot for the Moon and Win

rendered drawing of a rover on the moon

Students from Michigan Technological University want to shine a light on the darkest places of the moon. Their design, a rover called Tethered permanently shadowed Region EXplorer (T-REX), deploys a lightweight, superconducting cable to keep other lunar rovers powered and provide wireless communication as they operate in the extreme environments of the . . . Read More

21st Century Education: One Size Does Not Fit All

person sitting in front of laptop with laboratory class background

Morin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences recognized a number of times for her excellent teaching, including earning the Michigan Technological University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2018. Like most instructors, her classroom skills and formats are being put to the test. About the Researcher . . . Read More

Pressures and Possibilities: The Pandemic Story We're Still Writing

Bronze husky statue on campus with a face covering.

What can we say about keeping the University running during a pandemic that won’t sound like a cliché? Nothing, honestly. The last few semesters have been tough—and it’s not over. And, it’s not just us. While the Keweenaw may be at the ends of the earth, Michigan Tech’s community does not live in a vacuum. . . . Read More

Be Brief: Snow

drone shot of snow-covered trees

Up here in the Keweenaw Peninsula, winter is a … thing. It’s a snow globe dream for skiing, ice fishing, snow art and sledding of both the plastic and gasoline varieties. We know the Mushing Club loves it. And our researchers certainly do too (OK, maybe just ice cover in lake models and testing autonomous vehicles in winter). . . . Read More