Allison Mills

Allison Mills


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  • Associate Director of Research Communications, University Marketing and Communications


A through and through geek, Allison writes university research stories. She studied geoscience as an undergrad at Northland College before getting a master's in environmental science and natural resource journalism at the University of Montana. She moonlights as a dance instructor, radio fiend, and occasional rock licker.

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  • Sciences, Engineering and Technology
  • School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

About Allison

  • She focuses on writing new stories about Michigan Tech research -- everything from robotic prostheses to mesocosms to the physics of raindrops.
  • A University of Montana graduate, she earned a master's degree in environmental science and natural resource journalism, which built on her bachelor's in geoscience from Northland College.
  • She's a radio geek.

Recent Stories

Rise and Shine: Brighter Medical Imaging

Stablilux Biosciences is a spin-off company of Michigan Tech that develops medical       imaging technology.

In 2014, physics professor Yoke Khin Yap started Stabilux Biosciences, a spin-off company of Michigan Technological University. What started as a deep dive into academic research during a sabbatical — focusing on the peculiar physics of nanomaterials — evolved into a product ready for commercialization. About the . . . Read More

A Fishing Lure for Protein Purification

Like fishing, this biochemistry technique catches and releases proteins, speeding       up purification and lowering the cost.

The technique is explained in a new paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. A team of biochemists from Michigan Technological University, including students, did the research, which is led by Tarun Dam, associate professor of chemistry. "Protein purification is a multibillion-dollar industry," Dam said, explaining that . . . Read More

Isle Royale Winter Study 2020 Kicks Off

The male wolf of the native pair died in October 2019 and this year's Winter Study       will document new social structures on the island. Credit: Rolf Peterson

Over the past year, the National Park Service and regional partners brought more than a dozen new wolves to Isle Royale as only two island-born wolves remained. This past fall, the park documented two wolf deaths — both caused by injuries inflicted by another wolf or group of wolves. One wolf was the male of the native pair. To . . . Read More

Engineers Judge a Virus by its Cover

Engineers use a single-particle method to determine surface charge on a virus to characterize       samples.

Viruses are not easy to characterize. But we need to because being able to quickly predict the surface charge of viruses opens up new possibilities for vaccine purification and gene therapy treatments for eye diseases and muscular dystrophy. About the Researcher . . . Read More