Allison Mills

Allison Mills


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  • Administration Building G21
  • Associate Director of Research Communications, University Marketing and Communications


A through and through geek, Allison writes university research stories. She studied geoscience as an undergrad at Northland College before getting a master's in environmental science and natural resource journalism at the University of Montana. She moonlights as a dance instructor, radio fiend, and occasional rock licker.

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  • Sciences, Engineering and Technology
  • School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

About Allison

  • She focuses on writing new stories about Michigan Tech research -- everything from robotic prostheses to mesocosms to the physics of raindrops.
  • A University of Montana graduate, she earned a master's degree in environmental science and natural resource journalism, which built on her bachelor's in geoscience from Northland College.
  • She's a radio geek.

Recent Stories

How to be a Nice Midwesterner in a Pandemic

illustration of two people in masks

When our expectations don’t match reality — when a sense of overwhelm overcomes us — our minds get whiplash. In this state of mind, the pressure we feel can cause us to say or do mean things to other people. Midwestern Nice does not negate this human trait. Also, being Nice is more than just the surficial expression of . . . Read More

Q&A with MTU Research Award Winner David Shonnard

man with mustache smiling in front of husky statue on Michigan Tech campus

No surprise, plastic melts when you heat it up. Done just right, melting down plastic could create a circular economy that ensures plastic gets recycled and reused instead of thrown out. The details of melting plastic to improve a wasteful big picture is the current focus of David Shonnard’s research. Shonnard is a professor of . . . Read More

Q&A with Bhakta Rath Winners Sanaz Habibi and Adrienne Minerick

chemical sciences and engineering building at Michigan Tech

Michigan Technological University’s Bhakta Rath Research Award honors exceptional work and collaboration between a doctoral student and their advisor. This year, chemical engineering takes the spotlight as Sanaz Habibi and Adrienne Minerick share the honor. Habibi, who graduated in 2019, is now working on a postdoc at the University of . . . Read More

Microfluidics Helps Engineers Watch Viral Infection in Real Time

illustration of virus and ruptured cell membrane

Get your popcorn. Engineers and virologists have a new way to watch viral infection go down. The technique uses microfluidics — the submillimeter control of fluids within a precise, geometric structure. On what is basically a tricked-out microscope slide, chemical engineers from Michigan Technological University have been able to . . . Read More