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Michigan Tech’s SYP is Ready to Roll


Michigan Technological University’s Summer Youth Program (SYP) is gearing up for another exciting season of learning, adventure and fun. More than a summer camp, over 1,000 students from throughout the world will build robots, conduct chemical analysis, explore entrepreneurship, inspect ecosystems and so much more. Some students will learn engineering, while others study digital photography, metal casting and more in a hands-on way.

Things kick off June 16 and the one-week sessions will continue through Aug. 3. SYP explorations, designed for middle and high school students, offer more than education. Students get a taste of college life while staying in residence halls, eating in cafeterias and participating in a variety of recreational activities.

Featured explorations in this summer’s course catalogue include:

  • Calling All Writers (June 16-22) — This new course is designed to show high school students where writing can take them. Creative writing, technical writing and writing for digital media platforms are among the styles examined in this exploration. Students will meet professional writers who will critique their work.
  • Aquatic Ecology (July 7-13) — This exploration is for sixth, seventh and eighth graders who desire to get wet and muddy. Students will learn about freshwater ecology in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Find out who’s eating who in the Great Lakes, what makes a species invasive and what could be lurking in your back-yard stream. Learn why some lakes are clear while others are green and murky. This exploration takes place in the great outdoors as well inside Michigan Tech’s labs.
  • Biotechnology (July 7-13) — Technology based on biology is used to improve your life and the planet all around you. In this exploration, middle-school students will learn techniques in microbiology, genetics and molecular biology to understand how microorganisms can be used to solve problems. They’ll explore another world unseen by the naked eye with microscopes and insert foreign DNA from jellyfish into bacteria to give it the ability to glow in the dark.

Other explorations will delve into a variety of science and technology disciplines, engineering, computer science including video game programming, outdoor programs including a trip to Isle Royale and much more. There is still time to sign up and join us this summer. Charter bus transportation to and from the Michigan Tech campus is available, departing from Gaylord. Buses are chaperoned and come equipped with bathrooms and movies to watch during the ride. This is a great way for participants to meet other students before arriving on campus. Get more information on SYP, including course offerings and transportation options, to begin the adventure.

For more information or to arrange coverage/interviews regarding Michigan Tech's Summer Youth Program, contact Amanda Jackson, assistant director of the Center for Educational Outreach, 906-281-3931 or amandaja@mtu.edu.