Memorial Union

Room Rental Rates

  Rental Fee    
Isle Royale Ballroom (Entire Room) $500.00    
Ballroom A $300.00    
             Ballroom A-1 $150.00    
             Ballroom A-2 $150.00    
Ballroom B $225.00    
            Ballroom B-1 $75.00    
            Ballroom B-2 $75.00    
            Ballroom B-3 $75.00    
            Ballroom B-1 & B-2 $150.00    
            Ballroom B-2 & B-3 $150.00    
Keweenaw Commons (Entire Room) $500.00    
           Sections 1, 2 & 3  $200.00    
           Sections 4, 5 & 6 $300.00    
Alumni Lounge (Entire Room) $225.00    
          Alumni Lounge A $75.00    
          Alumni Lounge B $75.00    
          Alumni Lounge C $75.00    
Greenstone Room 106A $75.00    
Datolite Room $75.00    
Superior Room B001 $75.00    

Room rental fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and is due 30 days after the reservation is made.  Reservations made less than 30 days from event date must be paid at least three days prior to the event.

What's Included

Included in this fee is use of the room, event preparation assistance, set up, clean up, furniture, available audio-visual equipment and on-site event assistance.  Based on availability, same day early use of the room for your set up or decorating at no charge.  Gratuity is not included and is not expected.

Day Before Use

To guarantee day before set up or decorating you can pay an additional room rental fee.  If you do not wish to pay for the additional day at the time of reservation, we will tentatively hold it for you.  If another event is requested we will contact you first with the option of paying the rental fee to confirm and maintain the reservation.  If no other events are requested at one week before your event, the reservation is yours at no charge.