Building Rules and Regulations

General Information

  1. The Memorial Union is not responsible for any article lost in the building. The Lost and Found is located in the Memorial Union Office.
  2. The sale of goods and services by student organizations in the Memorial Union must follow University Fundraising Guidelines.
  3. Non-university groups' violations and complaints concerning the House Rules can be forwarded to the Memorial Union Board.
  4. A profit-making commercial concession shall not be granted to a non-university organization.  Exceptions can be made with the approval of the Memorial Union Management and the Memorial Union Board.
  5. Student organizations may apply for commercial concession through the Memorial Union Office. A representative from the student organization must be present at the concession site at all times. No food concessions will be permitted in the Memorial Union without management’s express approval and will be subject to all applicable food and tax codes.
  6. Student solicitations will be permitted in the Memorial Union at the two promotions tables in the Keweenaw Commons. These tables must be reserved in advance, and reservations may be made at online.  This table will not be clothed or skirted, unless specifically requested.  There are designated locations for Promotions Table #1 and Promotions Table #2 that are based on space and fire code restrictions, and tables are not to be moved from their designated spots.
  7. Pictures, furniture, trophies, works of art, or any other articles of equipment may not be taken from one part of the building to another without consent from the Memorial Union Management.
  8. Permission to use the Memorial Union is given to non-university related persons at the discretion of the Memorial Union Management in accordance with the policies given in these house rules, and is usually accompanied by a rental fee.
  9. The Memorial Union Management has the right to expel any person from the building at any time for reasons that warrant such action decided by the manager present at that time.
  10. Any violation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities document will be handled by the proper authorities.

Room Reservation Information and Regulations

Other Information and Regulations

About Our Regulations

  1. These rules are in accordance with Michigan Tech specifications and are the rules for all activities that take place within the Memorial Union. All other rules, by-laws, and laws set down by Michigan Tech, the City of Houghton, and the State of Michigan also apply.
  2. All rules defined in the House Rules are formulated by the Memorial Union Board and by Memorial Union Management are subject to ratification by the Memorial Union Board.
  3. Student suggestions can be submitted electronically to or in writing to any person on the Memorial Union Board or in the Memorial Union Office.
  4. An appeal for a waiver or change in any of the above rules may be made to the Memorial Union Board at any time.