Little Huskies uses the HighScope curriculum.

Our Curriculum Principles

  • Aligned with state standards for preschool.
  • Relevant, engaging and meaningful to children.
  • Content reflects and is generated by the needs and interests of children.
  • Teachers support and encourage positive relationships with children's families
  • Content meets NAEYC recognized standards of appropriate subject matter for each age group.
  • Allows all children to engage actively, not passively, in the learning process.
  • Provides opportunities for children to make meaningful choices.
  • Addresses and meets children's physiological needs.
  • Helps children feel secure, relaxed and comfortable.
  • Helps children make connections between what they learn at home, school, and in the world at large.
  • Emphasizes exploration and experimentation.  It encourages creativity, reasoning, and problem solving skills.  It gives meaning to process.
  • Emphasizes the value of social integration and provides opportunities to learn from others.
  • Strengthens children's sense of competence and enjoyment of learning by providing experiences for children to succeed from their point of view.
  • Encourages respect for the environment, property and people.
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