Safety Procedures and Information

The Keweenaw Research Center is a department of Michigan Technological University. All University policies and guidelines, including adherence to the University Safety Policy below, apply to all people working at KRC.

University Policies and Guidelines:

KRC Policies and Guidelines:

Important Phone Numbers:
  From KRC Phone From Cell Phone
Emergency 911 911
Mercy Ambulance Service 8-906-482-0932 906-482-0932
UP Health Systems - Portage 8-906-483-1000 906-483-1000
Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital 8-906-337-6500 906-337-6500
Michigan Tech Occupational Safety 7-2118 906-487-2118
Michigan Tech Public Safety Department 7-2216 906-487-2216
Michigan State Police 8-906-337-5145 906-337-5145
Poison Control Center 8-1-800-222-1222 1-800-222-1222
KRC Facility Manager 8-906-370-3177 906-370-3177
KRC Test Course/Shop Manager 8-906-281-1064 906-281-1064