Mission Support

Being outside the primary educational operations, we support Michigan Tech’s Strategic Plan by engaging in a broader, non-traditional educational mission that looks to educate a larger audience. Our expanded user audience is:

  • Industry
  • State and Local Government
  • Federal Government
  • International Alliance 

Our Core Mission:

  • Create an engineering environment that inspires students, advances knowledge and innovates.
  • Provide subject matter expertise that benefits and educates society.
  • Act as a focal point access to University Resources.

Three military men

Create an awesome and engaging engineering environment.

Seek learning experiences that engage and educate.

Build dedicated expertise and facilities equipped with cool toys to play with.

Student Support

Student looking at data on a computer
Student looking into surveying equipment
Student working on computer programming
Student working with tools
Student working on electronics
Student working on scanning

This fund is set up to support the "KRC Student Experience" that continually challenges them to use and learn the latest technology.

The fund is meant to facilitate student access to premium software, information, technology, sensors, and equipment.

Give to Student Support

Contribute to cutting edge tools and equipment for students. Give students the opportunity to succeed.

Director Initiatives

This fund looks to help guide the “KRC Experience” through Strategic Initiatives that expand capabilities and competency of both student and staff.

We start with "Things" but in the end, "People are our Core" - We task our students and staff to engage project level issues and become competent in using the latest technology to create solutions.

Current initiatives are:

  • Remote Terrain Sensing and Terrestrial Mapping
  • Terramechanics and Predictive Mobility
  • Vehicle Control in Austere Environments
  • Off Road Autonomy


Give to the Director Initiatives

Contribute to the initiatives that enhance the KRC experience.

Capacity Development

Always push to be "More" - Bigger, Better, Longer, Larger, Faster. This fund looks to leverage and expand our facilities and technology toolkit to set the stage for capability growth. On going developments are:

New High Bay Vehicle Cold Room

You can watch the progress of the new vehicle cold room facility at: Cold Room Testing Facility.

New Vehicle Garage Space

Support Ground Vehicle Research through the addition of a 20,000 square foot garage space with overhead crane.

New Garage Drawing

DC Fast Charging Stations

Support Cold Regions Electric Vehicle Research through expanded charging capacity

Give to Capacity Development

Contribute to the expansion of existing capabilities.

Gift-in-kind opportunities are also available. Contact Scott Bradley, Director of the Keweenaw Research Center to explore the ways your support can help.