Safety and Security Recommendations

Although the Michigan Tech campus is a safe community to live and go to school, there are easy steps students can take to ensure a safe and worry-free experience.

  • Keep your door locked. This is important when you are asleep, when you are going to class, or even when you are going down the hall for a couple minutes. Lock your vehicle doors and keep valuable items out of sight.
  • If an elevator becomes stuck between floors, do not open the doors to help people out. Contact either Housing Facilities (during business hours) or the Management Assistant (MA) (after hours) immediately. The appropriate person will turn off the power to the elevator, eliminating further danger.
  • Never prop open an outside door and/or let someone in behind you. Propping open a door allows people who aren't supposed to be in the hall access to your room and the entire building community.
  • Residents are encouraged to engrave your M Number on possessions. It is also suggested to bring a personal lockbox to store small valuable items.
  • In any case of property loss or damage, a Resident Assistant (RA) should be informed immediately. Lost and found items are located at the reception desk of each hall, but donated to charity at the end of each semester if unclaimed. Expensive lost and found items will be given to Public Safety and claimed there.
  • Keep student ID cards and keys separate. Key chains with ID holders are a convenient way to carry your things, but if one item is lost the other will be as well. Report lost keys immediately. Facilities will change the locks as soon as possible.
  • Be cautious about sharing personal information online. Professionals will not ask for identification materials, usernames, or passwords via email.
  • Leave immediately when a fire alarm sounds. Even though fire drills do occur in the residence halls, don't assume the fire alarm is a false alarm. When you hear the fire alarm, leave the building.
  • Report anything suspicious or of concern to your RA or Public Safety (906-487-2216 or 911 emergency).