McNair Hall

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McNair Hall Information

Building Information


McNair Hall has a great view of the Keweenaw Waterway. The McNair complex consists of three buildings. West McNair has two stories, while East McNair has five stories. These two living units are connected by the dining services building. There are about 650 rooms available for assignment in McNair Hall.

Reception Desk Services

  • Mail Service for Students and Staff
    • Includes Hillside Mail
  • Check out: sport equipment, board games, basic tool kits, kitchen equipment and utensils, vacuums for student use
  • Cash/change exchange up to $20
  • Room key check out for lost or misplaced room keys
  • Sell meal passes for the dining hall in McNair
  • McNair Desk phone #906-487-4700

McNair Hall Amenities


Each hall has its own collection of dining halls, student lounges, and a reception desk.

Select any of the additional services below for a description and more information.

Fitness Rooms

For the fitness enthusiast, McNair Hall has a fitness room, well-equipped with aerobic and weight training equipment. All residence hall students can join the Quad Core Fitness Club for a nominal fee.

Game Rooms

The game rooms offer a variety of recreational equipment from pool tables to arcade games. Equipment is provided and may be checked out at the Reception Desks.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are conveniently located in McNair hall. Housing & Residential Life provides and maintains washers free of charge for all residents. Dryers are also provided at a cost of twenty-five cents per cycle.

Music Rooms

Each hall has a music room where students may play their instruments. A piano is located in each of these rooms.

Study Areas

Many areas, specifically designated for studying, are located in each residence hall. A quiet environment is observed there at all times.


Kitchenettes provide a place for students to make anything from a light snack to a gourmet meal. Each is furnished with a stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator. In McNair there are kitchenettes on each floor.

Bike Storage

Residents have the opportunity to store their bikes in hall storage over the winter. Between the damaging weather and snow plows, most students use this free storage option as opposed to hauling their bike home with them over breaks.

Computer Connections

Computing at Michigan Tech is available in many places and in many ways. Each major has computing facilities with the hardware and software that are available to you through your computing fee.

Many students bring their own desktop or laptop computer. ResTech is Michigan Tech's residence hall network that provides students with high-speed Internet access from the comfort of their rooms. A list of wireless Internet hotzones on campus is also available through RoverNet.

Printers are available for residents to use on campus. For more information visit Residence Hall Printing.

Cable TV

Residence hall rooms have cable TV service provided by Michigan Tech. Premium channels are also available by subscription. For further details, visit Telcom's Television Services page


The average room measures about 12 feet by 15 feet. A typical double room includes a bunk bed or loftable beds, chest of drawers, two desks, two study chairs, waste basket, and carpeting. Triple and quad rooms are furnished accordingly. All furnishings should be treated well and not removed from the room.


You are welcome to bring a refrigerator with you, but it must not be larger than 25" wide x 25" deep x 35" high.

Linens for Bedding

Since we do not furnish bed linens, you are encouraged to purchase linens prior to arrival. The standard mattress size is 36 inches by 80 inches. Extra-long twin sheets fit best. You are responsible for laundering your own linens. You may purchase all of your extra long bedding for residence hall linens online.


A saunas is available for students in each McNair hall. Hours for use are posted outside of the sauna.

Room Layouts

2-Person East McNair Room

Please note that not all rooms are identical. Exact room layout and size may vary.

3 Person East McNair Room

Please note that not all rooms are identical. Exact room layout and size may vary.

3 Person West McNair Room

Please note that not all rooms are identical. Exact room layout and size may vary.

4-Person West McNair Room

Please note that not all rooms are identical. Exact room layout and size may vary.