Daniell Heights Renovation

Bare wall with a window torn down to studs.
Room with walls torn down.
Bare wall studs.
Close up of bare wall studs and electrical boxes.
Ladder in a bare room.
Insulation being removed from walls.
Open doorway in a bare wall.
Bathtub in a room being renovated.
Tools and supplies in a corner of a room.
Looking into a room that is being renovated.
Room with bare walls.
Looking into 1804 E doorway to the room under construction.
Exterior of apartment buildings.
Back of the exterior of apartment buildings.
Kitchen with new cupboards being put in place.
Vanity being placed in the bathroom.
New kitchen cabinets.
New kitchen cabinets being installed.
New cabinets hanging on the wall.
New cabinets in the kitchen.
A kitchen with some new cupboards in place.
Looking through 1802 E door to the kithcen being restored.
Line of cupboards on the wall.
Work supplies in a room.
Room being prepared for paint.
Couch next to the 1802 F front door.
Finished kitchen.
Finished living room, as seen from the kitchen.
Finished bathroom.
Finished bedroom.

About the Renovation

Daniell Heights Construction Update

Renovations in Daniell Heights are now complete! Renovations were started in 2015 and finished the summer of 2019.

Residence Education and Housing Services would like to thank the Daniell Heights residents for their patience.  Thank you to all of the Residence Education and Housing Services staff who showed up (sun, rain, wind, or snow) to help residents move in to new apartments.  Thank you to our Facilities staff for being there on the evenings and weekends to make these moves possible. This was a team effort and we appreciate you all.  We hope our residents enjoy their new apartments!

Updates: Improvements In Progress

New gas meters were installed by SEMCO in the summer of 2019 and new windows and roofs were installed in upper Daniell Heights in Fall 2016.  The curbs were repainted through all of Daniell Heights.  In the lower Daniell Heights area the grounds crew built a patio area for resident enjoyment in Summer 2016.

From 2015 to 2019 all Daniell Heights apartments were renovated. Renovations include new carpet, new kitchen appliances, improved bathrooms, new paint, and new furniture.

We hope you are as excited about these improvements as we are.


Materials swatches and samples.

Materials swatches close up of flooring.

Materials swatches close up of cabinets and counters.