Specialized Communities


Alcohol-Free: Alcohol-free housing is offered in all three of the residence halls. The use and/or possession of alcohol and/or alcohol-related items in the house are not permitted by the residents or their guests. 

Gender Inclusive

Gender Inclusive: Gender inclusive options are available for all students. Students who agree to be assigned with another student who was assigned a different gender at birth can be accommodated. Who does this include? All students: engaged, married, best friends, LGBTQIA+, and everyone. Contact housing@mtu.edu for assignment assistance.

On the fifth floor of Wadsworth Hall, students can choose all gender residence hall rooms with or without a private bathroom. The common shared bathroom closest to this area will be an all gender bathroom starting with the 2018-2019 school year. The all gender bathroom has a group of open sinks, a group of traditional "express" toilets with doors, and a group of complete mini-bathrooms with a toilet, sink, and shower enclosed with a locking door. These are shared bathrooms with ample privacy.

All gender bathrooms are also available in East McNair Hall. These single access bathrooms include a shower, sink, and a toilet for privacy. Traditional single gender shared bathrooms are also available. (Each toilet is in its own stall with a door. Each shower has its own curtain.) All gender individual bathrooms with a toilet and sink are also distributed throughout Wadsworth Hall for all students and their guests to use.

Students can also request to be assigned to Hillside Place. This building is extremely popular featuring four private bedrooms, a shared living and kitchen, and two bathrooms. When all four students agree in advance, students of all genders can be assigned to the same suite.

LGBTQIA students seeking additional information may find additional resources available through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Gender Inclusive Housing FAQ

Apartment Style/Independent Living

For students seeking apartment style independent living on campus, Daniell Heights may also be an option. Students are not required to have a roommate or cotenant when living in Daniell Heights. Daniell Heights apartments are typically reserved for married or partnered students, students with dependent children, students over the age of 21 and upper class level students. Due to popularity, a waiting list exists and advance planning is required.

Pavlis Community

Students who are part of the Pavlis Honors College may be housed together. After admission to the program, the Pavlis Honors College notifies Housing of the residents who should be assigned to the designated housing area. Students who wish to join the Pavlis Honors College should contact honors@mtu.edu for more information.