Quad Core Fitness Center

About Quad Core

The Quad Core Fitness Center (QCFC) is a network of four residence hall fitness centers that are available to members. A QCFC facility is located in each of the four residence halls and contain a variety of equipment. Quad Core Fitness Center is open daily when the residence halls are open. Building access is restricted during semester breaks when the residence halls are not open for normal business.


Students who reside in Wadsworth Hall, McNair Hall, Douglass Houghton Hall, or Hillside Place are eligible to purchase a QCFC membership for a $70 annual fee. QCFC membership includes 24-hour tap access by using your HuskyCard to enter the Quad Core Fitness Center. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can pay the $70 fee online at MyMichiganTech under the “Payments” tab. 

Additional Information

Wadsworth has a variety of strength-training equipment, both weight machines and free weights as well as aerobic equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers, etc. McNair is primarily a fitness room with several aerobic machines and a smaller amount of free weights. Douglass Houghton Hall and Hillside Place's facilities have a moderate amount of weight lifting and aerobic equipment.

The Facilities

If you have questions about Quad Core, please contact Quad Core directly at: housing@mtu.edu for assistance.

Non-members using the Quad Core Fitness Center that live in on-campus housing will be charged a $100 fine for each occurrence, plus the membership fee of $70 if it happens during Fall semester, or $35 if it happens during the Spring semester. This fee will give them full membership to the Quad Core Fitness Center. Non-members that reside in off-campus housing that are caught using the Quad Core Fitness Centers will receive a $100 fine for each occurrence.