Residence Education and Housing Services

Residence Education

Two students in their dorm room

Living on campus brings many benefits. Students are more likely to persist to graduation if they live in residence halls will build the skills they need to succeed in life beyond college. Residence Education and Housing Services creates learning opportunities that will help students become conscientious, resilient, and prosperous members of a global society. Our educational priority informs all of our interactions with students from move-in to move-out. It was thoughtfully developed by professional staff members using student development theory and the mission, goals, and values that drive Michigan Tech.

Educational Priority

Students will build an inclusive and supportive community. All members will become conscientious, resilient, and prosperous through active engagement in their own progression.


An inclusive and supportive community is based on mutual respect, communication, and care. Members are encouraged to grow and explore themselves and the world around them without fear. Words and actions make all members feel included.

Conscientiousness involves thinking about others, exploring values, and making informed decisions.

Resilience is the ability to persevere through obstacles and adapt to change. It is achieved through caring for one’s self, relying on others, and taking charge of your life.

Prosperity emphasizes self-management and authorship of multiple identities to prepare for life and career.

Progression is an individual path toward personal fulfillment. It requires reflection upon the development of identities, values, and skills.