Engagement Opportunities

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If you are only learning in the classroom, you are missing a key part of the college experience. RAs, RECs, and other faculty and staff members work within Residence Education and Housing Services to provide residents with the opportunity to learn life skills that will help them thrive when they leave the residence halls. When you’re living on campus, you’ll be able to engage with your RA and the community in many different ways. The more you attend opportunities offered by your RA, staff, and faculty members, the more you will grow.

Residence Education and Housing Services uses a variety of educational strategies to facilitate skill development.

  • Check-ins are the cornerstone of the residence hall experience. Residents have the opportunity to meet individually with their RA for directed conversations that cover timely topics related to personal development. These conversations take place throughout the year and include different content based upon the time of year and the resident’s class year. Check-ins may also occur with professional staff members if students need additional assistance.
  • Roommate and community agreements are created during Orientation Week and the first two weeks of classes. These allow for a conversation between peers in individual or community settings to create expectations for a fulfilling living experience.
  • Community Meetings are time for houses to come together and review expectations, plan for upcoming events, and participate in group reflection.
  • Community Hangouts are activities facilitated by RAs to engage residents in a community of their peers, their surrounding campus, and the Houghton community.
  • Incentives are self-directed opportunities for residents to test and expand their knowledge while reflecting on their experiences.
  • Passive Learning provides an individual and interactive learning opportunity for students to use at their own pace through bulletin boards, campaigns, social media posts, and digital display boards.
  • Tech Traditions are experiences rooted in Michigan Tech’s culture that help a student feel like a Husky. They provide opportunities for residents to learn more about themselves, the world, and the people around them.
  • Take-Tos are opportunities for students to learn skills that will help them long after graduation from the campus experts.

Contact your RA to learn more about upcoming events in your community!

There are a lot of options available across campus for students who are more comfortable with virtual engagement. You can find a list of virtual engagement options by adding this Google Calendar.