Four MTU students sit in the DHH Dining Hall with a meal, smiling at camera

Residential Dining

When students sign a contract with Housing Services to live on campus, they receive access to a wide array of amenities to bolster success, both academically and personally! The meal plan that is conjoined with the residence hall agreement is a critical part of the residential experience to ensure student success.

Michigan Tech offers multiple meal plan options for Michigan Tech Huskies that expand based on the number of years they have lived on campus and their assignment. These meal plans are tailored to meet a variety of dining preferences and needs of our Michigan Tech community with flexibility and convenience at the forefront.

Our Dining Services are located within three of our residence halls, giving students convenient access to their nutritional needs and making it easier for students to focus on their studies without worrying about cooking and meal preparation.  

Meal plans are a required part of the on-campus residential experience and students can select from one of our offered plans when completing a Housing contract. Below is a breakdown of the dining services available and support options students can explore. 

Stairway to success: First year students: Unlimited Gold or 19 Meal Plan. Second year and above: Unlimited Gold, 19 or 14 Meal Plan. Hillside residents: Block plans, Unlimited Gold, 19 or 14 Meal Plan. Daniell Heights: optional meal plans of Unlimited Gold, 14 or 19 Meal Plan

Meal Plans Tailored To You 

Our meal plans are carefully designed to meet a large majority of our Husky's dietary needs. If students have additional dietary needs, a registered dietitian is available and offers complementary, one-on-one nutrition counseling, dining accommodations and assistance navigating the dining halls with food allergies/intolerance. The Husky Eats professional staff strives to accommodate all students and is ready to work with any student who has questions or concerns regarding their meal plan or dining experience. 

Students can reach out to schedule an appointment with our dietitian or Husky Eats management at

On-Campus Meal Plans

Whether you are a student living in the residence halls or a commuter, we offer plans to best fit your needs. Additional information about meal plans, menus and dining locations can be found on the Husky Eats website! 

First Year Students

Coming to campus for the first time as a new first-year student is a big adjustment. As students settle in, it takes time to familiarize themselves to campus, adjust to their academic schedule, build their social network and establish a routine.

Our meal plans tailored for first years are crafted to provide students with the most nutritional support as they adjust to college life. Food is fuel and we want to ensure that our newest Huskies have their nutritional needs met so they are able to reach their academic goals.

First-year students are required to select either the Premium Gold Unlimited or the 19 Meal Plan when signing a contract with Housing Services. These meal plans allow students access to the largest number of meals per academic year, minimizes the risk of food insecurity, and will ensure they have the nutritional support to be successful!

Before students come to campus, they should consider their dining habits before selecting a meal plan. The Premium Unlimited Gold Meal Plan offers students unlimited visits to each of our on-campus dining halls, while the 19 Meal Plan offers 19 visits a week. Students can only change their meal plan up through the first week of each semester. 


First year students living in on-campus housing can choose between the Premium Unlimited Gold and 19 Meal Plan options.
Second year and above students living on campus have three meal plan options to select from: Premium Unlimited Gold, 19 Meal Plan and 14 Meal Plan
Students residing in Hillside Place can select the Premium Unlimited Gold, 19 Meal Plan, 14 Meal or any of the Block Plans when completing a contract.

Second Year Students (and Above)

Starting in the second year, students have an additional meal plan option to select from, to add greater flexibility to their college routine. Students should weigh their options carefully to ensure they select a meal plan that will support their nutritional needs. 

Second year and above students living in the residence halls are required to select from the following meal plans when completing a contract with Housing Services: 

Hillside Place Students

Hillside Place offers students an opportunity to gradually transition to independent living. The Hillside suites include kitchens, which gives students an opportunity to prepare meals while still having access to meal plan services, ensuring nutritional needs are being met. Hillside Place students are still required to have a meal plan, but have greater flexibility with their on-campus dining options. Hillside residents can continue to maintain a more robust, full service meal plan, such as the Premium Gold Unlimited Meal Plan. Students who have stronger interest in being responsible for preparing their own meals can select from our Block Plan options, which provides students with a set number of meals that they can utilize throughout the semester. 

Students living in Hillside can select from the following meal plans when completing a contract with Housing Services or at any point during the academic year. 

Summer Students

Students who choose to further their academic studies and live on campus over the summer have access to a streamlined plan that allows for unlimited dining with no extra features. This meal plan option is called the Summer Unlimited Meal Plan. Summer housing is more limited with only one dining hall in operation during the summer term.

Daniell Heights Students

Students residing in Daniell Heights have typically had several years on campus to adjust to academic life and have largely transitioned to independent living. Daniell Heights residents are NOT required to select a meal plan, but can select from any of the residential or Top Dog meal plans if desired.  

Students can purchase a Top Dog meal plan through the MyMichiganTech portal.