Housing Contract Process

Here at Michigan Tech, all first year students are required to live on campus to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from our Residence Education program.

New undergraduate students can begin applying for housing in January for the following Fall through HuskyHouse. The deadline for transfer student housing applications is June 1. 

Current students can complete a contract through HuskyHouse during the contract renewal process each Spring (subject to eligibility and availability).

Dining Services are an integral part of campus life and provide convenient access to dining facilities for students. Unlimited meal plans are a requirement for students living within Wadsworth Hall, Douglass Houghton Hall and McNair Hall and ensure that students have regular and consistent access to nutritious meals throughout the academic year. Students can select from the Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Silver meal plans when participating in the Housing contract process in HuskyHouse. If you are interested in exploring your on-campus meal plan options, please visit Dining Services

Assignment Notification

Students who apply for housing prior to June 10 will receive Fall room assignment details in the last week of June in HuskyHouse. Spring and Summer semester room assignments are available two weeks prior to the first day of class for that semester. Students who apply for housing after June 10 will receive Fall room assignment details on August 1. Students who apply for housing after August 1 will receive your assignment information upon arrival to campus.

The following information will be displayed in HuskyHouse:

  • Building
  • Room
  • Room type
  • Name(s) of roommate(s)
  • Roommate(s) email (as hyperlink)

For additional information, see the current room-and-board rates. See the Accounting department for a further breakdown of your housing bill and payment information.

Roommate Matching and Assignments

New students do not select their specific room but do have the opportunity to select their roommate. Online roommate matching for new students is available from March 6 - June 10 for the upcoming Fall semester. For more information on the roommate matching process, you can view the following walkthrough videos.

Completing your information and profile

Searching for a roommate

Matching with a roommate

Students who agree to be roommates will be assigned to rooms before students who do not match as roommates. New students who do not find an online roommate match are assigned rooms depending on when we receive your housing application. You are encouraged, and it is in your best interest, to submit your application for housing as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of getting your housing preferences. If your first housing preference is filled to capacity when your assignment is made, your other housing preferences will still be considered by housing staff when making a room assignment.  If you lose your scheduled roommate before the Fall semester begins, you will be joined with other student(s) who also lost scheduled roommates.